FABULONIA – A 3D Printing Copyright Solution

As 3D Printing gains further recognition and is believed by many to be ‘the new revolution of making things’, copyright issues continue to raise concerns amongst designers and other IPO holders. While the internet brings many benefits it also allows for easy distribution of illegal design blueprints and profligate piracy.

UK based FABULONIA is on a mission to fight against this issue, and today the organization is presenting its concept at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The FABULONIA solution promises protection for all necessary steps required from upload of 3D designs through storage to distribution. FABULONIA uses new patent-pending technologies including Collaborative Copyright Technology and Secure 3D Streaming. Old Digital Rights Management schemes have been left in the past, and as FABULONIA calls it, it’s “a consumer and ecosystem friendly approach to copyrights.”

FABULONIA’s solution is designed specifically for enterprises and designers, and it offers marketplaces where any original design rights holder can operate and offer customization and sales of 3D originals. The system also allows different levels of copyright protection, including free unlimited distribution or paid licenses. FABULONIA offers marketplace hosting, but hosting can also be done via private cloud space.


A great 3D printing solution should satisfy three critical needs to be successful. According to Kimmo Isbjörnssund, CEO of FABULONIA: “Creativity, customization and originality are all needed. This nascent industry is still too technology driven. Consumers are not interested in CAD or STL files. They want a simple way to discover their favorite brands and designers or high-quality originals that are easily and affordably available. Consumers are willing to pay for good design because it adds value to things around us. FABULONIA connects brands and designers with these consumers. The freedom of 3D printing can continue and designers rely on making a living. Without original designs there wouldn’t be enough consumer interest in 3D printing so FABULONIA is just helping the market grow.”

FABULONIA has already attracted a number of designers — shown in their demo. These include Finnish designer Ilkka Suppanen (Red Dot award winner) and jewellery designers Kristian Saarikorpi and Petri Pulliainen. A large creative community, based in Barcelona and founded by Hong Kong born Cecilia Tham, is also shown and they are planning to launch original 3D design services with FABULONIA. According to the organization, there are also on-going discussions taking place with several enterprises to take their 3D original designs business securely online, equipping them for the imminent rise of consumer 3D printing.

If you are interested to know more about FABULONIA, please visit their website or, if you are in Barcelona (or close by), go see their booth (Hall 8, stand 8.1C40) at Mobile World Congress this week.


FABULONIA is the world’s first company to protect designer copyrights in 3D printing while preserving creative freedom. We use a proprietary, non-DRM Collaborative Copyright Technology. FABULONIA’s vision is to become the original 3D designs network of the world, a friendly ecosystem partner and a trusted global source of authentic 3D designs. FABULONIA provides curated originals marketplaces and business solutions for leading brands and designers. FABULONIA is a Finnish-Estonian startup with offices in Estonia and UK and has global ambitions. It is founded and headed by Kimmo Isbjörnssund, ex-Nokia employee and Finnish citizen. Isbjörnssund is the inventor of FABULONIA’S core innovations together with company Chief Technology Officer Anton Vedeshin(Obtaining PhD in Cloud Computing).