European Designers Bring Elegance to 3D Printed Men's Accessories

We see quite a bit of custom jewelry from 3D printing, yet there are a few that stand out in elegance and find their desired market. Thanks to a trio collaboration, a new line of customizable men’s jewelry is now available. Including cufflinks, tiepins, and money clips, all of these pieces emerged from inspiration culled in Courtrai’s record office during research on the works of “De Coen’. And the works carry acclaim for their laminated wooden trusses. The trio includes Café Costume, architect design duo DAMN, and 3DP customization pioneer Twikit. While able to customize each piece from cufflinks to money clip, the designs carry sophistication usually only found in high-end men’s jewelry.

3d printed tiebarThe driving force behind the jewelry came from artistic sensibilities. Architects Caroline and Kim from DAMN were fascinated by the innovative work that De Coen realized for Expo 58 (also known as the Brussels World’s Fair). The design process and the result were introduced during the Courtrai Interior Biennale 2014 at both Ventura and in the Café Costume shop on the Leiestraat. And once the designs emerged, Twikit provided the necessary 3D customization technology to enable a cooperation between DAMN and Café Costume. Their online customization tool allows initials or a word (5 letters maximum) to the shape of choice and in the material of preference, either Sterling Silver or Brass.

3d printed cufflinks mens accessories

If one happens to be on a stroll in Antwerp, Brussel, Ghent, or Courtrai, there are Café Costume shops for a tangible preview. For those at home, the entire collection of 3D printed jewelry can be ordered online. The pieces offer an elegant upgrade for men’s attire and for those seeking a sophisticated yet innovative accessory, jewelry inspiring conversation and the right type of notice.


3d printed moneyclip