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ESUN Releases An Educational 3D Printing Kit For Kids

3D printing education in Asia is really taking shape. Recently RepRapPro and eSun, a 3D filament company based in Shenzhen, China, teamed up to create a 3D printing kit for kids. The open source kit was released during the 3rd Chengdu World 3D Printing Technology Expo this week. The conference was put together to explore the business of additive manufacturing and the future role 3D printing will play in the larger traditional manufacturing world.



China has invested a lot in 3D printing within the last couple of years and their government continues to place 3D printing technology education among its core values. China sees the big possibilities of 3D printing, and wants to make sure that 3D technology is accessible to every child.



RepRapPro and eSUN have designed a kit that is specifically targeted at children. The kit focuses on safety first, with lower internal and surface temperatures. In fact, the machine doesn’t allow temperatures to exceed 100 degrees, with that being the nozzles maximum temperature. Also, surface temperatures will never exceed 70 degrees on this machine, making it easier for parents and educators to feel like their kids are safe to learn, explore and innovate with this printer and filament combo.

eSUN’s filament is unique in the industry, having a polyester polycaprolactone (PCL) base with a low melting point that allows kids freedom to repair it even after printing. Not only is eSUN’s 4d-fila filament kid friendly but it is also environmentally friendly, a big plus.



RepRap founder Dr Adrian Bowyer and Yang Yihu, CEO of eSUN are thrilled to offer elementary school level kids a safe, ecofriendly 3D printer to learn all about additive manufacturing.