EOS releases four new materials for SLM 3D printing

German OEM EOS has released four new metal powder for use in SLM 3D printing. Ranging in application from automotive to biomedicine, the new line comprises StainlessSteel CX, Aluminium AlF357, Titanium Ti64 Grade 5, and Titanium Ti64 Grade 23.

Hannes Gostner, EOS’ Director Research and Development said, “At EOS, the development of systems, materials, process parameters, software, and services have always gone hand in hand.”

“All of the elements are perfectly aligned to each other. The result is reproducible high-quality parts at a competitive cost per part. This combination is of crucial importance, particularly for series manufacturing.”

Matching the competition

EOS is a leading manufacturer of laser 3D printers and powdered materials. It was founded in 1989 by Dr. Hans Steinbichler and Dr. Hans Langer 2019’s winner of our Outstanding Contribution to 3D Printing award. 

To date, EOS has installed approximately 3,500 around the world. At the company’s 30 years of celebration, the role of EOS in digitization was emphasized, as EOS CEO Adrian Keppler commented, “The establishment of complete digital production platforms is a major goal that we are aiming to achieve in the coming years.”

Materials ready for production

EOS classifies its powders according to the Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) developed by NASA. If a product is between TRL 7–9, it means that it is ready for series production. All the new metal materials released fall within TRL 7-9.

EOS StainlessSteel CX, classified as TRL 8, is a corrosion resistant alloy intended for tooling applications. The Aluminium AlF357 is a lightweight metal and offers corrosion resistance. It is specifically manufactured for EOS M 400, though in near future it will be available for EOS M 290 as well.

EOS Titanium Ti64 Grade 5 and 23 have been optimized so that they have high fatigue resistance without HIPS processing.

The Grade 5 has application in the aerospace and automotive industry, whereas Ti64 Grade 23 is biocompatible and can be used for implants and other biomedical components. Both Ti64 Grade 5 and 23 are classified as TRL 7.

An SEM image of EOS Ti64 Grade 23. Image via EOS.
An SEM image of EOS Ti64 Grade 23. Image via EOS.

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Featured image shows an SEM image of EOS Ti64 Grade 23. Image via EOS.