DSM and FormFutura ink 3D printer filament distribution deal

Global health, nutrition and materials company Royal DSM has entered into a 3D printer filament distrubtion agreement with Dutch supplier FormFutura.

According to Jill Cohen, Global Director Marketing & Sales for DSM Additive Manufacturing, “At DSM, we believe that partnerships across the additive manufacturing ecosystem are critical to unlock the full potential of this new technology,”

“Our collaboration with FormFutura allows us to extend our global reach, providing customers with easy ordering and support for our high-performance filaments across all regions and markets.”

Image via FormFutura
Image via FormFutura

Engineering grade 3D printer filaments for the desktop

Royal DSM has a broad range of materials suited to FFF, SLS, SLA, ink jet and binder jet 3D printing processes. Its filament portfolio is branded as Arnite, Anitel and Novamid families of materials, which will now be sold by FormFutura.

DSM Arnite filaments are made from pure polyethylene terephthalate (PET) a common polyester family plastic often used to make clothing and food containers. Unlike its close cousin PETG, PET has a higher melting point and lower moisture intake, making it stronger, more accurate and less inclined to warp than its relative.

Arnitel is a flexible thermoplastic co-polyester (TPC) filament. Compared to common TPCs like TPU, Arnitel is better are resiting UV damage and exposure to chemicals. A number of filaments in this range are also ECO label materials, meaning they are made from 50% biobased feedstock.

Novamid, the last in the selection of DSM filaments to be stocked by FormFutura, is nylon 66 polyamide. The Novamid portfolio is specially designed for applications subjected to harsh environments and temperatures up to 125ºC. Despite these rugged qualities, the Novamid range is also made for ease-of-printing.

Novamid® ID 1030 - White, one of the materilas to be stocked by FormFutura. Image via Royal DSM
Novamid® ID 1030 – White, one of the materilas to be stocked by FormFutura. Image via Royal DSM

A “growing demand” industrial FFF

Founded in 2012, FormFutura is a household name for many desktop 3D printer users. Its own brand materials span everything from the typical ABS and PLA filaments, through to composite materials, engineering grade polypropylene (PP), and pelletized feedstock. These materials are sold by FormFutura global resellers in 73 countries around the world.

On this most recent partnership with DSM Arnold Medenblik, CEO of FormFutura, comments, “We are proud of this collaboration with DSM as we see a rapidly growing demand in the FFF 3D printing market for industrial grade and high-performance materials in both industrial and SME sectors,”

“The DSM materials are a great addition to our FormFutura product range and through our global network of resellers, these high-performance polymers will now be available to everyone. This new portfolio will also open doors to new markets for both FormFutura and our partners.”

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Featured image shows the 3D printed FormFutura mascot. Image via FormFutura