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DLabPrint expands RC airplanes for desktop 3D printing of iconic Messerschmitt Bf 109T

The Czech designer of radio-controlled model aircraft and founder of 3dLabPrint, Stepan Dokoupil, is a professional architect and 3D modeller of architectural masterpieces with over 15 years of experience.

When he is not flying reduced size models, he pilots Zlín 142, Cessna 172 and 152 or Tecnam JS92 aircrafts over Europe and North America. He is so fond of flying that years ago he bought his first desktop 3D printer and started to develop his own sophisticated RC model kits that can be bought on-line, downloaded and printed in pieces on a standard desktop 3D printer.


The planes

The successful models of Spitfire, Mustang, P47 Thunderbolt fighters in 1/12 scale and the EasyMax sports glider for less experienced pilots are accompanied by the 3dLabPrint latest model of German WWII fighter Messerschmitt Bf 109T. All the models, both in static or RC versions, are printable on standard desktop FFF/FDM printers.

This 1/12 scale model of the one of most iconic WW2 fighter has a wingspan near to 1meter – 38.5” which allows already very interesting flight characteristics.

As with previos projects 3dLabPrint is still trying move things further, so this project is again full of other improvements for better durability , easier assembly , better geometry solution and so on…, we hope you enjoy it, although this print may test your competencies to and quality of your printer (welcome to thin wall printing)
This new model has already inbuilt (printed) bowden lines for rudder and elevator, joint wings and fuselage is designed partialy flexibly which increases the durability during a hard landings, simply we made many and many further improvevements in this last project…
For final assembly you need only a few additional components.
This airplane is like a first offered in two versions, either as a clasic universal STL files for any printer or as Gcode fine tuned for PRUSA i3 Original

Final completion video: https://youtu.be/eXhmFxHDRGo
Flight video: https://youtu.be/8oC442DtZPY


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Republic P47 N15 Thunderbolt

This 1/12 scale model of the largest WW2 single engine fighter propelled by a piston engine has a wingspan of 1.16 meters which offers user-friendly flight behaviour. Moreover, the optional conversion kit includes a steerable rudder, the preparation for LED navigation lights as well as modified wings allowing the installation of retractable landing gear. Due to the local reinforcement of the wing structure, the printed parts of the retractable landing gear version can easily withstand the impact stress when landing on a hard surface. Flight video: goo.gl/JIfVmX.

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EasyMax 001

This model, with the best weight to wing area ratio of all the models offered by 3DLabPrint, fully respects the possibilities of the standard desktop FFF/FDM printing. Very user-friendly and cultivated flight behaviour with good glide ratio will be appreciated by less experienced pilots. With the wingspan of 1.53 metres, the model consists of 26 printed parts and the propulsion system.



Spitfire Mk XVI

The first model aircraft designed by Štěpán Dokoupil hardly could be a different airplane than the symbol of the Battle of Britain in which a number of Czech pilots participated successfully. The technically refined machine with an unforgettable silhouette served as a template for the prototype in 1/12 scale. It was this model that allowed the innovative load-bearing structure and the placement of the batteries in the wing to be verified. In its final version with the wingspan of 0.97 meters, it can cope with very sharp turns, thus being suitable even for simulated air combat. Just like the Mustang, this Spitfire is designed for intermediate and advanced pilots of radio-controlled models.




P51 D Mustang

Another famous fighter from the second half of WW2 in the form of a miniature model has a sophisticated spatial structure that can only be created using the additive manufacturing process. Also due to the shape of its wing, this RC model with the wingspan of 0.92 meters has untricky behaviour and does not tend to tip stall even in low speeds. Just like the Spitfire, this model can be fitted with various types of propelling system so that both an occasional pilot and an ACES Aircombat enthusiast can enjoy it to the full.

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“The technology of 3D printing offers unprecedented possibilities for designing model airplanes. You can produce an ideally shaped load-bearing structure while being limited only by your creativity and modelling abilities.”


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