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Digital Metal launches new DMP/PRO 3D printer – technical specifications and pricing

Swedish 3D printer manufacturer Digital Metal has announced the launch of its latest metal binder jet 3D printing system, the new DMP/PRO.

Debuted at RAPID+TCT 2022, the machine comes complete with an all-new architecture and aims to combine productivity and precision. Specifically built for high-volume manufacturing applications, the DMP/PRO is targeted at a variety of sectors such as medical, consumer goods, and even industrial machinery.

“As a team, we have previously gone from a single machine to a production machine, and now we’ve launched a true production platform,” said Christian Lönne, Digital Metal CEO. “We’re moving away from the rest of the binder jet market towards tighter tolerances, higher volumes and higher precision. We’re heading towards a higher level of maturity.”

The new DMP/PRO binder jet 3D printer. Photo via Digital Metal.
The new DMP/PRO binder jet 3D printer. Photo via Digital Metal.

Metal binder jetting with Digital Metal

Operating under metal powder manufacturer Höganäs AB, Digital Metal has spent the last few years building a product line around its binder jet technology. Until now, however, the company’s flagship 3D printer has been the DM P2500. The industrial-grade workhorse was launched back in 2017 and offers a part accuracy of just one micron.

More recently, Digital Metal has also expanded with the launch of the DPS 1000, an automated depowdering station for binder jet 3D printed parts. The machine was built to streamline the post-processing workflow, enabling users to more easily manufacture binder jetted parts at high volumes.

Naturally, Digital Metal also offers its own portfolio of 3D printing materials. This includes DM Cu, a pure copper powder, and DM D2, a tool steel alloy known for its abrasive wear resistance and toughness,

The DMP/PRO 3D printer

First and foremost, the DMP/PRO is defined by its productivity. Sporting a build volume of up to 250 x 217 x 186mm, the system features a printhead packed with 70,400 nozzles capable of jetting 2pL droplets at 15.5 kHz. At full throttle, the machine can print parts at up to  1,000cm³ per hour – all while maintaining a high 1600dpi resolution.

On the hardware side, the DMP/PRO comes complete with linear motors, air bearings, and a diabase stone base to ensure stable printing conditions. The printing materials also come packaged in easily exchangeable powder magazines for rapid material changeovers, minimizing downtime between builds. As a bonus, 100% of the excess powder in a build can be recycled and reused, further saving on material costs.

According to Digital Metal, the DMP/PRO was also designed with modularity in mind. The system has been future-proofed for upcoming updates such as intertization and automation modules.

Lönne adds, “We do not just offer a machine in isolation. We have a true platform optimized to work in concert with debinding, sintering and post-processing equipment. This platform is modular, extensible and a stepping stone for industrialization.”

On the software front, the DMP/PRO is based on Siemens MindSphere cloud IoT OS, which is intended to guarantee reliable and secure IoT connectivity. Production data is fully traceable and backed up, while users can also make use of remote monitoring functionality to track printer status, performance, and KPIs.

Additive manufacturing service bureau Azoth 3D has already been selected as an initial customer. General Manager Cody Cochran said, “Digital Metal´s new machine speed, while keeping quality and reliability, is compelling. The PRO Series reduces the capital needed to scale and also reduces part costs through higher machine throughput. We want to run it round the clock, 7 days a week, making thousands of parts daily. Azoth 3D wants to be the largest and best independent binder jet manufacturing company and this is the system we need to get us there.”

The diabase stone base and printhead of the 3D printer. Image via Digital Metal.
The diabase stone base and printhead of the 3D printer. Image via Digital Metal.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the DMP/PRO 3D printer. Contact Digital Metal to request a quote.

Build volume250 x 217 x 70 or 250 x 217 x 186mm
Inkjet nozzles70,400
Machine size2700 x 1000 x 1700mm
Build rateUp to 1,000cm³ per hour
Power consumption3.5kW

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Featured image shows the new DMP/PRO binder jet 3D printer. Photo via Digital Metal.