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DeltaMaker 3D Printer Raises over $95,000 in Less than 2 Weeks

DeltaMAker ‘The elegant 3D printer’ which is currently sourcing funding on Kickstarter has almost reached its $107,000 goal — in less than two weeks. Orlando, Florida based DeltaMaker LLC has really made an impression, and the Kickstarter campaign has, at time of writing, raised more than $95,000; with 24 days to go until the deadline.

The very professionally built campaign offered great deals for early birds. The ‘best deal ever’ tier, which offered the printer for $499 a piece, sold out in just 48 minutes! The final kickstarter price is $1500 and after the campaign has ended the DeltaMaker 3D printer is expected to retail at around $2000, with shipments due to commence in June.

The DeltaMaker concept is very interesting beyond the 3D printer’s elegant symmetric design. It is a combination of a 3D printer and delta robot technology, which has been mainly used for high-speed industrial applications and is not new as it has been around for decades. For the DeltaMaker 3D printer the delta shape ensures that the platform stays level in any position, and the head can move to any xyz-position. The DeltaMaker is extremely fast and has a 100 micron layer resolution capability.

The DeltaMaker team consists of four professionals with different backgrounds: Bob Houston, Robin Lopez, Zack Monninger and Craig Rettew. They have worked in industry for companies such as IBM, Lockheed Martin and FLIR Systems.

If you are interested in pledging to the Kickstarter campaign, visit the DeltaMaker Kickstarter page.