CyBe Construction 3D prints concrete drone laboratory on-site in Dubai

Dutch 3D printing company CyBe Construction has completed its role in 3D printing a drone research & development laboratory for the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

The 168 meter squared building was 3D printed on-site in just three weeks with the CyBe RC 3Dp machine. The main aim of CyBe’s mobile 3D printer is to provide a reliable method of 3D printing concrete on a construction site. Featuring rubber wheel tracks, the machine is able to roam freely around the site and 3D Printing Industry spoke to CyBe recently to find out more about the machine’s capabilities.

This project, otherwise known as the R&Drone Laboratory, is part of Dubai’s goal to use 3D printing in 25% of its buildings by 2030.

The digital design of the Dubai laboratory. Image via CyBe.
The digital design of the Dubai laboratory. Image via CyBe Construction.

First 3D printed laboratory

According to the CyBe Construction, the building is the “very first laboratory which has been fully printed on site in the world.” Consisting of 27 different parts, the 3D printed process took place in a controlled environment underneath a large tent constructed in the middle of the Dubai desert. By doing so, CyBe was able to protect the printing process from external conditions. Fellow 3D printing company – Apis Cor opted for a similar technique when 3D printing a house in Russia during the winter.

CyBe construction has now finished its role in the project, which involved designing, engineering and 3D printing the laboratory. The 3D printing process included construction of the inner and outer walls separately before also 3D printing smaller parapets. Subsequently, the construction contractor for the project – CONVRGNT is now adding the final touches to the building, with a roof, stairs and doors.

The CyBe RC 3dp can reach heights thanks to its extendable undercarriage. Photo via CyBe.
The CyBe RC 3Dp can reach heights thanks to its extendable undercarriage. Photo via CyBe Construction.

Future projects

Upon completion of the Dubai laboratory, Cybe will now turn its attention back to European projects such as ‘De Vergaderfabriek’. For this upcoming project CyBe will similarly be enlisted to fabricate concrete walls on-site in the Dutch town of Teuge. CyBe explains the company intends to construct the building in just ten days with the RC 3Dp and, as a result, reduce carbon emissions by 40% and waste by 70% in contrast to conventional techniques.

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Featured image shows CyBe’s construction process in Dubai. Photo via CyBe Construction.