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Cutting down critical seconds – US Army’s mobile 3D-CNC labs

The required time to respond to ever-evolving and unpredictable warzone situations can be a matter of life and death, literally. In an attempt to overcome this obstacle the US Army Rapid Equipping Force, REF, has created a solution which makes use of 3D-printing and CNC-machinery in a mobile form.

This piece of news follows closely the already earlier discussed alarming issue of 3D-printed weaponry, but harnesses the new tech into a more legal and approvable use.

The concept, named the Expeditionary Lab – Mobile in a traditional Army naming fashion, consists of a standard shipping container loaded with high-tech gizmos, making it an advanced lab capable of producing various apparatus needed in the unrest areas of the world.

Check out the spirit of CAD –styled official video below:

Using this new concept in action gives an solution to multiple problems phased earlier in the fields of war . The main advantage however could be the full usage of the capable hands of the trained soldier-slash-engineers themselves, as they are now able to produce exactly the new items they know are required right there at that particular moment– a logistical JIT textbook example. This also tackles the issue of Chinese whispers – as how in the long line of military command from the point zero to the scientists working in a different continent can be overcome.

How do you think the 3D-printing and CNC-machinery becoming more and more common and available will impact the multi-billion dollar industry that surrounds the delicate balance of war and peace in the future? Be sure to give us your view below.