Cubik Full Colour 3D Scanner

Cubik 3D Scanner
Delegate This: ‘Review this fallen over monitor Shane’ ‘Yeeees Rachel…’

Chester, a beautiful walled city lying on the River Dee, in the North West of England, was founded in AD79 by the Romans and is loaded with well preserved archaeological and architectural treasures. There too now is the producer of the Cubik 3D Scanner, the device that looks like a monitor fell over on its side. Never before have you seen a device that looks quite so similar to a monitor that has fallen over. And, maybe ne’er again …

The saving grace of the Cubik 3D scanner is that it does not look like a computer monitor that has fallen over from every angle you could look at it from. Only the important ones. To be fair and more serious, the Cubik 3D scanner captures full colour, high resolution 3D object data in minutes. It is designed for professionals and hobbyists, because the Cubik 3D Scanner aims to let you easily create high-quality 3D assets for use in your own projects. The digital models are reportedly compatible with all major CAD packages and 3D printers.

Cadscan Desktop 3D Scanner from Cadscan on Vimeo.

Specifications – Scanning:

  • Cubik 3D ScannerMaximum object size: 220mm diameter x 200mm high
  • Minimum object size: 10mm diameter x 10mm high
  • Maximum object weight: 4Kg
  • Camera resolution: 5Mp, 24-bit colour
  • Scanning method: dual DepthPhase™ scanning heads
  • Light source: LED Array (Eye Safe)
  • Resolution: 0.05mm – 0.15mm (50 – 150 microns)
  • Accuracy: +/- 50 – 150 microns
  • Output data: Full colour point cloud and watertight mesh

– General:

  • Scanner footprint: 510mm (l) x 340mm (h) x 335mm(w)
  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux
  • Output formats: STL, OBJ, PLY and SketchFab
  • Power supply: 100V-240V AC (External supply)
  • Communications: USB 2.0
  • Construction materials: White ABS case, steel chassis.

The 3D scanner is designed for reverse engineering, prototype development, object replication generating 3D virtual world content and more.

About CADScan

‘CADScan was formed in 2011, motivated by a desire to make 3D scanning easy to use and accessible to all. The team, which has first-hand knowledge of the issues faced by those wishing to capture 3D data from more than 20 years experience of building image processing systems to solve real-world problems, consists of software, electronic and optical design engineers who have collectively been involved in a number of award-winning image processing products, including one of the first automotive Lane Departure Warning systems. In 2012 CADScan secured a SMART grant from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board to develop a prototype of a desktop 3D scanner. Through this we developed our unique DepthPhase™ technology, the fast, accurate, full colour depth sensing method at the heart of our easy-to-use, 360 degree scanning system. In early 2013 we launched the first 3D scanning project on the Kickstarter crowd-funding website and, with the goal successfully achieved, have brought low-cost, high performance 3D scanning to the professional and consumer market.’