Cubify Sunglass Contest Challenges Your Creativity

Open until August 31st, Cubify is running a contest to design a pair of 3D printed sunglasses and will award the winner a free (shipping included) 3D printer. Which model is not determined and based on various factors stipulated in their “official rules” guidelines, but nevertheless, one’s whacky and novel design may procure a nice reward. The competition promises to be stiff considering it is open to anyone with internet access, excluding a few territories like Syria, North Korea, and Quebec, Canada. The contest will be judged by Cubify artists and the winner will have a 14 day window to respond to claim his or her reward.

Sunglass Design Challenge Hero Cubify

Any modeling software may be used, and Cubify graciously offers a 14-day free trial of its Cubify Invent software, yet all files must be submitted in .STL format. A link to Cubify’s Party Glasses app is listed as a possible source of inspiration, though they remind contestants that all files must be under 18mb. Well vested in social outlets and user-friendly design, Cubify urges contestants and consumers alike to vote for favorite designs. If anyone would like to know more information on the winner of the context, although there is a month left, feel free to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Cubify Sunglass Design Challenge, ”Winners List” 431 Tehama St., San Francisco, CA 94103.

Kanye West Cubify 3D Printed GlassesWhile there can only be one winner, this should not discourage novice or experienced 3D creators from submitting a design. An open forum challenge such as the one Cubify offers can tap into a competitive stream of creativity and test out their software with the free 14-day trial.  After sweating through designs or struck with a flash of mused inspiration, there is no doubt you will have a design superior to Kanye West, something with swag or cray cray or whatever else passes for hip slang these days.

Source: Cubify