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Creality issues buyers guide amid resin 3D printing ‘HALOT-ween’ sale

Desktop 3D printer manufacturer Creality has published a buyers guide to help new resin system adopters get their head around which would be best to meet their needs. 

While Creality is better known in the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) space, it has also launched a string of highly-capable resin 3D printers. Each powered by its proprietary Integral Light Source technology, the firm’s HALOT systems can now be bought in various specifications, allowing them to address beginner and professional users alike. 

But which of these machines should new adopters go for? To help makers decide, Creality has published a guide to its resin 3D printing portfolio below. In the spirit of Halloween, the company has also launched a ‘HALOT-ween’ sale from October 10-30, 2022, through which it’s offering over 15% off the entire range, including 50% off the entry-level HALOT-ONE, which is available for $145 for a limited time. 

Creality is offering over 15% off its HALOT range as part of a promotion until October 30, 2022. Image via Creality.
Creality is offering over 15% off its HALOT range as part of a promotion until October 30, 2022. Image via Creality.

Creality’s entry-level HALOT-ONE 

Launched last year, Creality’s HALOT range is powered by its in-house developed Integral Light Source technology. Compared to the Parallel Emission process utilized in most resin 3D printers, Creality says this offers “enhanced lighting intensity, super precise printing and excellent lighting evenness. In fact, according to Creality Lab data, Parallel Emission only achieves surface evenness of around 73.4%, but Integral Light Source can produce up to 90% evenness, increasing print accuracy.

The 127 x 80 x 160mm build volume HALOT-ONE is the most stripped back, entry-level version of Creality’s resin 3D printers to deploy its proprietary technology. That said, the system still packs a 6-inch 2K LCD monochrome screen with a 2560 x 1620 pixel resolution, a 5-inch color touchscreen and an ARM Cortex-M4 CPU. As a result, adopters get plenty of bang for their buck, or as Creality puts it, “above-par performance at an affordable price.”

In terms of other accessibility features, the HALOT-ONE comes fitted with an air filtration system, complete with an activated charcoal filter that helps users deal with unpleasant resin odors. Adopters can also take advantage of Creality’s first resin slicer. Creality Box offers users a simple and straightforward slicing experience, but they can switch to software like ChiTuBox and Lychee if they choose. 

As such, for those seeking a first resin 3D printer at a reasonable price, Creality says the HALOT-ONE could be ideal. Especially given that the system is usually priced at $289, but customers can pick it up for $145 over Creality’s Halloween sale. 

Creality's entry-level HALOT-ONE 3D printer. Image via Creality.
Creality’s entry-level HALOT-ONE 3D printer. Image via Creality.

The higher-performance HALOT-ONE Pro

As its suffix suggests, the HALOT-ONE Pro is essentially a higher specification edition of the HALOT-ONE. First introduced in April 2022, the system features a larger build volume than its predecessor at 130 x 122 x 160 mm, and can even be fitted with a 2560 x 2400 resolution 7.05-inch 3K monochrome LCD. Unlike the HALOT-ONE, the Pro also has dual z-axis linear rails, lending it extra stability and layer accuracy.

When it comes to usability, the HALOT-ONE Pro not only includes the same air filtration system as before, but introduces Wi-Fi connectivity, thus allowing adopters to transfer prints wirelessly via Creality Cloud. The machine’s 5-inch touchscreen also supports 14 languages including Chinese and English, making it more accessible to users worldwide. 

Although the HALOT-ONE Pro is usually sold at $349, Creality’s ‘HALOT-ween’ promotion means it’s temporarily available with a $51 discount. Creality therefore says that for those “who are new to 3D printing and have the budget to buy a resin printer with better specs,” the HALOT-ONE Pro will “live up to your expectations.” 

The larger build volume Creality HALOT-ONE Pro 3D printer. Image via Creality.
The higher specification Creality HALOT-ONE Pro 3D printer. Image via Creality.

Scaling with the HALOT-ONE Plus 

Building on the technologies behind the ONE and Pro, the Plus is both bigger and more accurate than its HALOT siblings. Due to its 7.9-inch 4K monochrome screen with a 4320 x 2560 resolution and larger 172 x 102 x 160 mm build volume, the Pro is being marketed as a plus-sized version of the machine that ‘unlocks more creative possibilities.’

While the Plus comes with an air filtration system, dual linear rails and remote printing functionality just like the HALOT-ONE Pro, it can also be fitted with a camera module to allow users to monitor the progress of prints in real-time. 

Creality says the HALOT-ONE Pro can be seen as the premium option in its HALOT range, but it still offers customers the chance to get hold of a large-volume resin system for less than $400. For the time being, from October 10-30, 2022, the company is selling the system at a 15% discount for $339 as part of its ‘HALOT-ween’ sale. 

On the application front, makers continue to use resin 3D printers to create figurines, but the technology has also addressed accuracy-critical dentistry, jewelry and architectural design use cases. All three models of the HALOT-ONE are available at store.creality.com in the United States and store.creality.com/de in European countries. Customers can enjoy discounts via the official store links above. 

The larger build volume Creality HALOT-ONE Plus 3D printer. Image via Creality.
The larger build volume Creality HALOT-ONE Plus 3D printer. Image via Creality.

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Featured image shows a banner promoting Creality’s ‘HALOT-ween’ sales offer. Image via Creality.