2022 3D Printing Industry Awards Nominations Open

The 3D Printing Industry Awards are back.

Our annual celebration of everything related to the 3D printing industry is a unique event. The awards are open to any individual, enterprise or company active in the industry.

Winners are selected by the most informed people in our industry, you the reader.

This is a two-stage process. It is quite straightforward, stage one takes place during October. 

Anyone can nominate a company, enterprise or individual in relevant categories. Those with the most nominations will be entered onto the shortlists, these shortlists then go to a public vote.

Stage two will run through November and early December. The winners will be announced live at the 3D Printing Industry Awards ceremony on Tuesday 13th December 2022. To make sure you don’t miss your invitation to attend, subscribe to our newsletter. 

Today we open stage one: Nominations. 

Instructions on how to nominate follow.

There are 20 categories, a description, and details of past winners is shown on the form below. If you want to nominate in a category, type in the details. If you have no nomination for that category, leave it blank and proceed.

The full list of categories for the 2022 3D Printing Industry Awards is also reproduced at the end of this article.

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3D Printing Industry Awards 2022 timeline

Nominations open: Monday 3rd October 2022.

Deadline for nominations: 31st October 2022.

Award ceremony: Tuesday 13th December 2022.

Category details and past winners of the 3D Printing Industry Awards

Community Advocate

The Community Advocate of the Year category is made for people who demonstrate a genuine commitment to helping others access 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies. This can be in a business sense, through supporting the goals of companies in this field, or from an educational standpoint – introducing 3D printers in schools or helping to disseminate knowledge of the technology through blog posts, YouTube or other video and/or other media.

Previous winners:

2021 Integza, YouTuber

2019 Lauralyn McDaniel, Industry Events Manager, ASME

2018 Nora Toure, founder of Women in 3D Printing

2017 Phil Hall, a teacher from Windsor Boys School in the UK

Sustainability in Additive Manufacturing

This category recognizes additive manufacturing applications or processes that contribute to sustainability goals.

A company, product, service, or application nominated for the Sustainability in Additive Manufacturing Award is striving to facilitate the preservation of resources and acting with due concern for the environment.

Previous winner:

2021: Fishy Filaments

Software Tool

Slicers, CAD/CAM/CAE tools, manufacturing execution systems, FEA analysis, simulation programs, 3D printer operation software – this award is for the digital tools behind the scenes that make 3D printing possible.

Previous winners:

2021 Materialise Magics

2019 Ultimaker Cura

2018 Autodesk Netfabb

2017 Autodesk Fusion 360

Start-up of the Year

To be eligible for our Start-up of the Year award, companies must have been operating within the 3D printing industry for no more than 5 years and remain unlisted on the stock exchange.

Previous winners:

2021 Slice Engineering

2019 Aerosint

2018 Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) Ltd.

2017 Desktop Metal 

Desktop non-FFF 3D Printer of the Year

Any 3D printer that uses technology other than FFF is compact in size and suitable for use on a desktop, worktop or other surface is eligible for this category.

Previous winners:

2021 Formlabs Form 3

2019 Photocentric Liquid Crystal Precision 1.5

2018 Formlabs Form 2


Enterprise 3D Printer of the Year (Polymers)

This category is for polymer additive manufacturing systems used in industrial environments, i.e. a factory floor or engineering department. This category is open to any type of polymer technology, SLS, FFF/FDM, SLA, MJF, including high temperature and composite fiber systems.

Previous winners:

2021 Carbon L1

2019 Stratasys J750

2018 Markforged Mark Two

2017 3D Systems ProJet MJP 2500 & Markforged Mark Two (In the first year this category was split into separate awards for Enterprise FFF and Enterprise Other) 

Enterprise 3D Printer of the Year (Metals)

Any additive manufacturing systems that can be used for the production of metal parts is eligible for this award. This includes all powder bed fusion (PBF), direct energy deposition (DED), and cold spray systems including those employing direct metal laser melting (DMLS), binder jet, FFF, electron beam melting (EBM), electron beam additive manufacturing (EBAM), wire-arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) or others.

Previous winners:

2021 EOS M290

2019 Desktop Metal Studio System

2018 Desktop Metal Studio System 

Company of the Year (Personal)

An award for the companies who manufacture 3D printers and related equipment, for example, hotends, for use in desktop systems.

Manufacturers producing 3D printing equipment typically for use within enterprises should enter under Company of the Year (Enterprise).

Previous winners:

2021 Prusa Research

2019 E3D Online

2018 E3D Online

2017 Ultimaker

Company of the Year (Enterprise)

An award for the manufacturers of additive manufacturing systems or related tools that can be used within a professional environment, for example, in a factory or engineering workshop.

Previous winners:

2021 Autodesk

2019 GE Additive

2018 GE Additive

2017 XI’AN Bright Laser Technologies 

3D Printing for a Better World

Launched for the first time in 2019, this award was made to highlight and celebrate any 3D printing applications that seek to improve the lives of others. This could be through a wide range of applications, including healthcare, construction, or other relevant uses of technology.

Previous winner:

2021 EOS initiative 3D Printing Against Corona

2019 3D Life Prints’ anatomical models for patient care

Material Company of the Year

A broad category open to all filament, resin, metal powder, polymer powder, or bio-printing material manufacturers in 3D printing or additive manufacturing.

Previous winners:

2021 Fillamentum

2019 CRP Technology

2018 BASF

2017 Polymaker

Academic/Research Team

The future of additive manufacturing and 3D printing is in the hands of university and private research teams around the world. This award is granted to those at the leading edge of 3D printing. Research projects, teams, and individuals considered for this award are not required to be at completion, but there must be evidence of research activity.

Previous winners:

2021 Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab, University of Auckland

2019 Digital Reconfigurable Additive Manufacturing facilities for Aerospace (DRAMA) team from the MTC, UK

2018 Centre for Additive Manufacturing (CfAM) at Nottingham University

2017 Jennifer Lewis and the Lewis Lab at Harvard University 

Medical, Dental, or Healthcare Application

Applications can be made in metal or polymer, using any 3D printing or additive manufacturing technology. Any entries must be specific to medical, dental, or healthcare markets, but do not have to be in commercial production.

Previous winners:

2021 The Satchi-Fainaro Lab, Tel Aviv University, 3DCanPredict ERC project, 3D bioprinted glioblastoma model

2019 BCN3D Technologies and the University of Girona for their work in breast cancer research

2018 Figure 4 and NextDent, 3D Systems

Aerospace, Automotive, or Energy Application

Applications can be made in metal or polymer, using any 3D printing or additive manufacturing technology. Any entries must be specific to aerospace, automotive markets, or energy sector (for example oil & gas) but do not have to be in commercial production.

Previous winners:

2021 3D Systems’ RF Filter for Airbus

2019 Cranfield University and WAAM3D’s 2.5m x 1.5 m rear frame for the BAE Systems Eurofighter Typhoon

2018 Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Ultimaker, 3D printed tooling 

Creative Use of 3D Printing

3D printing is an invaluable tool for many designers and artists with innovative concepts. This award celebrates the creative flair of 3D printing projects conducted by designers, companies, teams, and individuals with designs that could not be made using any other manufacturing technology.

Previous winners:

2021 Adidas & Carbon Futurecraft 4D

2019 NERA E-Motorcycle made by BigRep’s NOWLab

2018 Black Panther Brisk Promotion, PepsiCo & Protolabs

Innovation of the Year

Independent of any specific machine, Innovation of the Year is for technologies that bring alternative modes of 3D printing to the sector. Innovations considered for this category can be the product of academic research and do not have to be marketed by a company.

Previous winners:

2021 3D Systems’ Print to Perfusion bioprinting platform

2019 Digital Metal, high-precision 3D metal printing

2018 High Laydown Technology for Material Jetting, Xaar

2017 HP Multi Jet Fusion 

3D Scanning or Metrology Company

This category is made to award a 3D scanning or metrology company that makes a marked contribution to the use of 3D printing. Eligible companies are manufacturers of 3D scanning equipment that can be used in reverse engineering, cultural heritage, and/or non destructive testing.

Previous winners:

2021 Scan The World & Google Arts and Culture

2019 Artec 3D

2017 FARO 

Value-added Reseller of the Year

For all 3D printer, parts and consumables resellers or distributors that go the extra mile in providing service to their customers. Examples of added value include the conduct of 3D printer training, full-service installation and responsive customer support.

Previous winners:

2021 MatterHackers

2019 3DGBIRE 

Desktop FFF 3D Printer of the Year

Any 3D printer nominated for this award should use Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology and be compact in size, suitable for use on a desktop, worktop or other surface. Compact FFF machines operating at high temperatures and compatible with more advanced materials are better suited to the Enterprise 3D Printer of the Year (Polymers) category rather than the desktop category.

Previous winners:

2021 Prusa i3 MK3S Plus

2019 Prusa i3 MK3

2018 Prusa i3 MK3

2017 Zortrax M200

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