Colourful News from 3D Systems – At Last

3D Systems has announced the immediate availability of its new ProJet x60 series of full color 3D printers that are reportedly able to print 90% of the colors available in Adobe Photoshop. The pictures and video seem to support this and I can’t wait to seem some up close! The systems process new VisiJet PXL materials, which utilize 3D Systems’ exclusive ColorJet Printing (CJP) technology.

3D Systems have been sitting on a wealth of IP around 3D printing in color since its acquisition of ZCorporation and the 3DS R&D team have obviously been working hard with the technology behind the scenes. It is all looking rather good and it is great to see it come to fruition.

There are 6 new 3D printers in the ProJet range, four of them offering colour capabilities. According to 3D Systems the 3D printers in the ProJet x60 range are feature rich and versatile for the production of full-color models, precision verification parts or beautifully detailed assemblies that pass for finished products.

The 6 new ProJet printer models are:

  • ProJet 160 – compact size, most affordable monochrome printing
  • ProJet 260C– compact size, most affordable full color 3D printer available
  • ProJet 360 – medium size, monochrome printing affordability
  • ProJet 460Plus – medium size, high-quality full color printing
  • ProJet 660Pro – large format, premium-quality full color printing
  • ProJet 860Pro – super-large format, premium-quality full color printing

“These exciting, next generation color printers embody 3D Systems’ commitment to democratize access to powerful and affordable 3D printing solutions for professionals, educators and consumers, alike,” said Michele Marchesan, Vice President and General Manager, Personal and Professional Printers for 3D Systems. “The new ProJet x60 series builds on our innovation heritage, leverages our expanded line of 3D content-to-print solutions and enables users to create more, faster.”

A video introduction to these systems can be viewed below:

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