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Choc Edge – Festive Chocolate from 3D Printers

As the festive season is closing in, we are all starting to think about the food items and delicacies we will enjoy during the holidays. UK based Choc Edge Ltd. is a company that has made their business by combining delicious chocolate and the latest 3D printing technology.  Through Choc Edges’ website, customers can buy either the latest chocolate “designs” with all the traditional Christmas themes, or actually buy the machine itself that prints the chocolate creations.

chocedge tree

Printing chocolate perhaps doesn’t actually sound as technologically advanced as some of the other materials we tend to cover in our stories, but it is worth learning what goes on after you have placed your order for the chocolate Christmas tree.

The first step is melting the chocolate, after which it is tempered and deposited into 2D cross-sections on a substrate like a printer printing a 2D image onto paper. The substrate is then lowered according to the original 3D design forming layers of solid 3D deliciousness made from the finest Belgian Callebaut chocolate.

Most seasonal chocolate designs are priced at £17.99 featuring a unique background canvas, decorative stand and personalised text. If you want to take it a step further, you can buy your own printer Choc Creator V1 for GBP £2,888 and start creating your own unlimited supply – perhaps an interesting feature for  coffee shops? Just an idea!

To see the printer in action please click the video link below.