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China to hold 3D Printing Summit in September

Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd and Guangzhou Additive Manufacturing Industry Organization will jointly hold the 3D Printing Manufacturing Industrial Applications Summit on 21st September in Guangzhou. By then, the public will be able to know more about the newest trend of 3D printing as well as its technical difficulties at this moment. This summit will be held simultaneously with the Guang Zhou International 3D printing & Mold Exhibition.


Experts of 3D printing will be invited to give talks during the summit. These people include Professor Yan Yongnian from Jiangsu Yongnian Laser Forming Tech. Co., Ltd , Dr. Wang Gang from Sun Yat-sen University, Dr. Zhou Hongzhi from ZRapid Technologies Co., Ltd, Dr. Zhao yi from Shanghai Shuzao Co., Ltd, Doctor Wang Zhongfei from Zhejiang University of Technology, Dr. Zhou Wuyi frrom South China Agricultural University, Kim Francois, the general manager of China from Materialise and Manager He Jiandong from Renishaw. Together they will talk about the latest applications of 3D printing in automobile, mold, medical treatment, personalization, education and other areas.

Meanwhile, there will be over 30 technical seminars in the International 3D printing & Mold Exhibition, where delegates from various enterprises will share their newest technology and products. Topics including stereolithography in photo curing 3D printing, SLM Metal 3D printing, and the application of Japanese Roland 3D products in mold design will all be discussed.

Surely this summit will attract the attention from 3D printing lovers at home and abroad. I’m looking forward to seeing more interesting 3D printed products shown in the exhibition. It seems that a whole new sharing platform is gradually forming in China. I hope more enterprises can join the platform in the future and exchanges their ideas creatively.