Cg-creatives’ Award Design Challenge with Sculpteo and Glare Technologies

After going through a redesign and renaming process, cg-creatives – formerly 3D worXX – has now teamed up with Sculpteo and Glare Technologies for a design-oriented challenge. Cg-creatives, an interdisciplinary German 3D enthusiast online community, wanted to celebrate its new design with an award matching the new and improved visual world of the site, and who could be better candidates for the AD’s role than the very members of their own community.

Three of the best award designers will be, well, awarded. Cg-creatives is giving away the prize itself for the winner, along with a license of Indigo Renderer and some branded foam for under your mouse. The two runners-up will receive two or one of the latter prizes accordingly, but possibly the more important award for anyone participating and placing up high is the valuable addition to any 3D designer/modeler’s portfolio.

Cg-creative Sculpteo Glare Technologies banner

If you’re interested in participating, there aren’t that many rules to follow – e.g. there’s an obligatory contest forum for all of the contestants, the final size of the award model has to be at least 800x600px and the winner will be chosen by the community itself etc., but none of them are too restricting and should enable using one’s creativity to the max level. But of course before diving in head first to the actual 3D modeling work cg-creatives’ competition page here is a recommended read.  The last chance to submit an entry is on the 5th May at 23:59 CET.

Source: Sculpteo, cg-creatives