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CECIMO joins ISO Technical Committee on Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing standarization has gained new support from CECIMO, the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries.

In the terms of a new agreement, CECIMO will take part in ISO Technical Committee on Additive Manufacturing, known as ISO/TC 261.

CECIMO will ensure that the regulations and guidelines posed by ISO meet the needs of business that will be impacted by the committee’s decisions.

Map of CECIMO nations. Image via CECIMO
Map of CECIMO nations. Image via CECIMO

Europe’s additive manufacturing strategy

CECIMO’s agreement with the International Organization for Standardization is part of the association’s European additive manufacturing strategy, which was published in 2017. In this 20-page document, CECIMO details its plans to keep 3D printing at the forefront of Euorpe’s manufacturing industry in a bid to escape the risk of falling behind a global trend. As Filip Geerts, Director General of CECIMO, writes in the strategy’s introduction:

“If Europe aims to remain a leader in advanced manufacturing production, it will need to succeed in the global race to industrialize additive manufacturing.”

In pursuit of this goal, CECIMO has also joined forces with EPMA, the European Powder Metallurgy Association, and, more recently, joined the advisory board of joined the advisory board of ASTM International’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence.

Image: ASTM
The ASTM Additive Manufacturing Standards Structure.

ISO standardization

The ISO/TC 261 committee was formed in 2011. To date, it has a total of 8 published standards under its direct responsibility, and a further 18 in development.

With shared goals, as of 2016 ISO has also had a formal agreement with ASTM International that, similarly, has had the F42 Additive manufacturing Technologies Committee in place since 2009. The most recent standardization document to be published by ASTM Interntaional, is its outline for the use of powder bed fusion (PBF) 3D printing technologies.

Some of the 18 standards currently in development by the ISO/TC 261 include a much needed guideline on “Additive manufacturing — General principles — Terminology,” standard specifications for methods, design and materials, and qualification principles.

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