Carpenter Technology launches 3D printer materials unit Carpenter Additive

U.S. metal alloy manufacturer Carpenter Technology has officially formed 3D printer materials business Carpenter Additive. Controlling all of the company’s  specially made powders for metal additive manufacturing, as well as R&D and production services, the new unit has been created to help build the company’s position as an influential leader in the 3D printing market.

On launch Carpenter Additive has a team in the UK (Liverpool) and five location across the U.S. in Alabama, California, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. These are further supported by LPW-affiliated sales offices in Germany, Italy and Japan, and nine authorized resellers across Asia.

Carpenter Additive Locations. Image via Carpenter Additive
Carpenter Additive Locations. Image via Carpenter Additive

Carpenter’s $100+ million investment in additive manufacturing

In recent years Carpenter Technology has been enthusiastically building its additive manufacturing business in a series of multi-million dollar acquisitions, and the introduction of new product lines. In 2018 Carpenter Technology acquired West Virginia titanium powder manufacturer Puris LLC for the value of $35 million. Subsequently, in February 2019, the company acquired powder-bed fusion specialist CalRAM. In the most recent deal from the alloy giant, Carpenter Technology footed $81 million to purchase UK-based metal powder producer LPW Technology. Links to LPW now redirect to Carpenter Additive.

In 2018, the same year Carpenter Technology acquired LPW, the company also became a founding member of GE Additive’s Manufacturing Partner Network. As part of this ecosystem Carpenter benefits from the shared knowledge of the GE AddWorks team, as well as “revenue opportunities” directed by the GE sales team.

Carpenter Additive metal powder. Photo via Carpenter Additive
Carpenter Additive metal powder. Photo via Carpenter Additive

“Driving industry-wide change”

The capabilities of the new Carpenter Additive business unit, as detailed by the company, are as follow:

– Highly engineered, gas atomized powders
– Metal powder lifecycle management solutions
– Finished component production capabilities
– Integrated AM and R&D facilities focused on innovation and technical solutions for customers
– Industrial-scale AM and full post-processing capabilities

Tony R. Thene, President and CEO of Carpenter Technology and CEO of Carpenter Additive, comments, “From powder production to manufacturing and finishing parts, the full spectrum of our capabilities is what differentiates Carpenter Additive from the rest of the AM industry.”

“We are revolutionizing how customers approach this disruptive technology by offering end-to-end solutions through an array of technical expertise, powder production, parts production, and material lifecycle management.”

“Carpenter Additive is working with our customers and driving industry-wide change.”

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Featured image shows Carpenter Additive metal powder. Photo via Carpenter Additive