3D Printing

A Broken Heart Turns to Gold in Lionel Dean’s 3DP Film

Heartbeat  Lionel Dean film 3d printing industryA short film by Lionel Dean — in partnership with the Precious Project — captures the advances available from one of the longest running 3D printing jewellery designers. There are a few motifs at play in the video complete with an achromatic vision complemented by stunning displays of red and gold. Through the flamenco dance and monologue, we see the development of the heart, or heartbeat as the title of the short reveals.

It is vibrant and detailed mirroring the quality of print from Lionel Dean’s design and the capabilities of 3D printing from the Precious Project. We have covered the innovation and development of both Dean and the Project before, and in this video, we see a continuation of the consistent standard set in jewellery 3DP.

Aesthetics of “Sin City” echo in the film focused on a raven-haired woman and her crimson heart, the same red as her devilish lips.

3d printed Heartbeat filmShe is a woman scorned by furtive looks at other women and canned pasta. She wants more, and the once smooth and unrealistic heart needs transformation. Her dance emphasized by harsh steps with her heels into the heart create a new model, a new broken and beaten heart. No longer red after the print, it is now gilded. Brilliant and malleable and more valuable now than before by the contours born out of frustrated pangs. Her new heart is golden and unique because of the pain it endured. 3DP and Lionel Dean appear to be warming up for a run at Cannes as well as the epitome of 3D printed jewellery complete with its 18k gold powder printing process.