BodyAvatar: Create 3D Avatars with Kinect

Kinect players have access to a new feature called BodyAvatar. It is a 3D scanning based interface that allows gamers to create completely unique avatars, such as an animal shape, or something completely unique from their imagination.

The player uses his or her own body as the input in the design process, and the scanner delivers their body movement into the initial shape for the avatar. The player can subsequently change the shape of the avatar on the screen by making a movement.

BodyAvatar is a great example of the current state of 3D scanning on a consumer level. There seems to be increasing popularity for technology that allow users to do 3D modelling without needing full comprehension of complex 3D modelling tools and techniques.

We don’t think it will be long before some of these avatars find their way into the physical world either, by way of a 3D printer!

Let us know if you plan to do it or you know someone that is. 

scan 3d

drag BodyAvatar

grow BodyAvatar

sculpt BodyAvatar

sculpt2 BodyAvatar

paint BodyAvatar

Source and images: Microsoft Research

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