3DP Applications

Tacori Ups its 3DP Capability for its Jewellery Applications

California based Tacori, which is known for its fine jewellery designs, is now making inroads to revamp its manufacturing capability with the latest range of 3D printers. Earlier this year, the company acquired a brand new 3D Systems Projet 3500 CPX Max 3D printer with a view to increasing the turnaround times for new jewellery designs.

The upgrade to the latest CPX system will increase Tacori’s ability to produce new prototypes of up 500 designs in approximately 20 hours. This is a significant increase according to the company, because prior to this new machine they were operating at a level of 180 unique designs in 21 hours.

Tacori RingsPaul Tacorian, who is President of sales and marketing at Tacori said: “Instead of relying on wax mouldings, which can allow for individual imperfections, Tacori can now produce every special order design using computer-aided design technology and the brand new rapid prototype machine.  This will dramatically increase the quality of all Tacori designs for all of our customers.”

In addition to the latest 3D printers, the company is investing in over 20 new microscopes for its diamond-setting department. This is intended to increase the accuracy and speed at which diamonds can be set. The company is using these microscopes often in their bridal designs to treat the small intricate areas in engagement rings and wedding bands.