A Blissful Exploration of 3D Textiles on Instructables

Blissful designs for 3D printed textile attire combines inspiration from nature and armour. And, with a step by step guide, the Instructable permits anyone to try it for themselves by following practical guides for the design and printing, including minimum thickness for printed material and space between modules to create the proper connection and space. The root for Blissful’s creation stems from the “underlying geometry” found in forms of nature like feathers and bark. The recognition of these patterns can be noticed in chain armour, the repeated modules linked in symmetrical beauty. Each piece acts as a delicate individual held with others in unison manifesting a shield, a beautiful almost hypnotizing pattern.

Blissful design 3D printed textile

The small teal and white circles follow the 4-in-1 design model and form a whimsical summer top and bottom. One could imagine strolling along the tropical beaches found in screensavers and desktops in this piece. A heart-hooped satchel form in gold sets off the cooling colours as a touch of transparent luxury. With the 4-in-1 model, the attire has an inherent flexibility. Blissful uses 3D printing to take the journey from nature to battle armour to fun fashion in soothing colour and pattern.

Source: Instructables