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Bits Tailor Online Shop Wants You to Say: Dites-vous l'impression 3D?

Uniqueness is often used as a marketing tool to promote commerce through false notions of individualism.  Bits Tailor, a new French start-up, is creating an online store that will emphasize automated customization of tailor-made accessories with avant-garde design.  Everyone can easily take part in the creation process of the material goods.  Bits Tailor considers 3D printing as a unique tool that is shaping a new paradigm away from misleading advertisements that promise you every reason to celebrate uniqueness by all having the same exact item on demand.

yellow 3d printed phone case

At the online store are various items such as bow ties, jewelry, “shoewelry” and phone cases.  Choosing a color, by picking the best material, choosing the best shape, or by adding initials or a personally meaningful word, a customer can customize those 3D printed items.

white 3d printed bow tie

For those who really want an item that does not yet exist, after providing details and speaking with a designer about a particular idea, they can create a tailor-made item with a Bits Tailor designer.

black bits and tailor 3d printed earringsSelecting 3D printing as a mean of production is a bold move.  Bits Tailor hopes to “stay focused on the creative aspect of its offer and constantly create objects for its customers without having the stock constraint which often gets the brands away from the real needs of their clients.”  The company also claims it can answer any new needs a customer may have very quickly by integrating 3D printing both upstream for prototyping and downstream for the final creation.

Each item is made-to-order, assembled and finished “by hand with love in Paris.” Bits Tailor supplements 3D printing with other traditional handcrafting artisan methods and is launching new products every week.