BIGTREETECH launches two new 3D printer motherboards, new stepper motor drivers

BIGTREETECH, a Shenzhen-based developer of 3D printing electronics, has announced the launch of three new products.

The firm’s latest hardware batch includes two new motherboards designed for use with FFF 3D printing systems: the SKR 3 and SKR 3 EZ. The company has also made its new EZ stepper motor drivers commercially available, providing dedicated motion controllers for a smoother and quieter 3D printing experience.

Eric Zhang, Founder of BIQU, said, “Based on our previous motherboards and the needs of users, our team has developed a series of incredible products this time: the SKR 3, SKR 3 EZ, and the EZ drivers. We’ve worked hard to improve the design, efficiency, and durability of these devices, making them stronger than ever for the 3D printing community.”

The SKR 3 control board. Photo via BIGTREETECH.
The SKR 3 control board. Photo via BIGTREETECH.

The BIGTREETECH hardware portfolio

Founded in 2015, BIGTREETECH has built a name for itself with its extensive lineup of 3D printing hardware. The firm specializes in electronic components for 3D printers, including control boards, driver boards, and display screens like the Raspberry Pad 5.

The company’s BIQU brand also manufactures and sells its own range of consumer-grade desktop 3D printers. This includes the debut BIQU B1, the flagship BIQU BX, and the user-friendly BIQU B1 SE PLUS.

BIQU is also home to a wide variety of other 3D printing add-ons such as hotends, heat sinks, fans, linear guides, timing belts, PTFE tubing, and filaments. Just this year, the firm announced the launch of two new high-performance FFF extruder kits – the H2O and H2 500℃.

The SKR 3 and SKR 3 EZ

Based on the previously released SKR 2, the SKR 3 is a 32-bit control board measuring just 110 x 85mm. It comes complete with a 480MHz ARM Cortex-M7 series STM32H743VIT6 microprocessor and 24C32 32-Kbit EEPROM for data storage.

Compatible with both Marlin and Klipper firmware, the SKR 3 supports input voltages of 12 – 24V (DC) with a peak output current of 6A. There’s also an onboard BOOT0 that allows users to flash the firmware with ease.

BIGTREETECH has also placed a major focus on safety here, equipping its motherboard with thermal input short circuit protection and thermal runaway protection. The system supports a whole host of advanced functionality such as automated post-printing shutdown, power loss recovery, filament runout detection, BL Touch leveling, and RGB lighting. Wi-Fi interfaces include ESP-12S, ESP-07, and ESP32-based modules, and the SKR 3 is compatible with all of BIGTREETECH’s TFT and LCD12864 display screens.

On the other hand, the SKR 3 EZ is an upgraded version of the SKR 3. Slightly larger at 109.7 x 98mm, it features revamped dual-driver interfaces that enable users to use both the regular TMC drivers and the firm’s new EZ drivers. The base SKR 3 model is still compatible with the EZ drivers, but users will be required to purchase EZ adaptors to connect them.

The SKR 3 is available for $56.98, while the SKR 3 EZ is available for $59.99.

SKR 3 EZ motherboard. Photo via BIGTREETECH.
SKR 3 EZ motherboard. Photo via BIGTREETECH.

EZ stepper motor drivers

BIGTREETECH’s new EZ stepper motor drivers are available in seven different models, each with its own driver chip, voltage range, and other parameters.

The devices have been designed with a new, more robust pin-free structure that eliminates the risk of finger pricks and accidental plug-ins, while making installation a piece of cake. They’re also highly versatile and compatible with 57 different stepper motor designs.

The EZ drivers feature integrated heat sinks to ensure energy consumption and heat output are kept to a minimum. Built to last, they all comprise four layers of PCB for durability (except the EZ5160 pro, which has six PCB layers).

Full pricing details for the EZ drivers can be found here.

The EZ drivers can easily be plugged into the SKR 3 EZ. Photo via BIGTREETECH.
The EZ drivers can easily be plugged into the SKR 3 EZ. Photo via BIGTREETECH.

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Featured image shows the EZ drivers being plugged into the SKR 3 EZ. Photo via BIGTREETECH.