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Beautiful 3D printed “stalaclights”

I am obsessed with funky interior design products. So when I saw these 3D printed light fittings from Dutch designer David Graas, I knew I needed them. Stalaclights are beautiful 3D printed light fittings that look like hanging buildings.


Designed by David Graas, they will fit on any normal LED light bulb. David is a product designer that studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. With a focus on ECO design and ECO graphics David also founded in 2013 a design studio dedicated to 3D printed products that are “smart, minimal and outspoken”, transforming his ideas into great designs and final products available to everybody.


Stalaclights are 3D printed bulbshades showing skyscrapers that emerge directly from the bulb itself. Don’t worry about them melting, by using LED light bulbs, almost no heat is emitted making the fittings perfectly safe. The intricate design of the shades is inspired by the Art Deco era, a time when the first skyscrapers appeared in big cities like New York and Chicago. 3D printing these designs makes perfect sense, given how intricate they are.


These light attachments kind of remind me of the gorgeous hanging Vulcan architecture in the 2009 J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek.

vulcan_capitol_backing01 copy_889-m

You can buy the lights here. There are also some really cool 3D printed vases and other things, so give them a look.


About Layers

We are LAYERS, a design label founded in 2013 by David Graas, a Dutch product designer. We make 3d printed products that are smart, minimal and outspoken. We take pride in what we do. Carefully conceiving, designing and producing our products. And only adding new members to the collection when we are absolutely satisfied and feel that they will stand the test of time. A process of trial and error that can sometimes take up to a year.