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Be3D’s DeeGreen 3D Desktop Printer Hits the International Consumer Market

As the number of 3D printing enthusiasts continues to grow, so does the demand for entry- and mid-level 3D printers that are able to satisfy the less experienced Makers who have just entered the field. Be3D, a subsidiary of the Czech Republic-based Y Soft, has recognized the need for these entry level printers, and is now prepared to unleash the DeeGreen 3D desktop printer upon the international market. Be3D claims that the DeeGreen promotes both easy use and high quality rapid prototyping, aiming their printer at the consumer and educational market.


“With DeeGreen, we feel we have created an affordable, high quality, 3D print device that meets the needs for rapid prototyping and creating objects for educational purposes,” said the CEO of be3D, David Miklas. “The worldwide availability of DeeGreen is a major step for us in contributing to 3D printing innovation.”

The design team behind the DeeGreen implemented some specific features to assist those with very little 3D printing experience, such as magnetic panel and door closures, auto-stop capabilities, and auto-bed calibration. To keep the DeeGreen’s function in line with its simple design, be3D engineered the interface in a click-to-print style as well. To accompany the DeeGreen 3D printer is be3D’s DeeControl software, which will add information and layering to 3D models produced from the industry’s most popular 3D modeling softwares. DeeControl makes it possible to print 3D models directly from a computer or SD card, automatically prepping and reconfiguring 3D models designed within almost any widely used modeling software, and, in turn, optimizes the 3D model to be printed on the DeeGreen printer platform.


Be3D is hoping to become a staple in the process of rapid prototyping with 3D printing technology, but also wants to make this process possible for anyone to accomplish. Be3D’s DeeGreen is trying to make itself reliable as possible for this reason, offering an easy PLA filament loader. The MSRP price of the DeeGreen is $1,890, and includes a one-year warranty, the DeeControl software, the filament holder, a memory card, cleaning tools, and more. Be3D is offering the full package to entry and mid-level 3D printing market, making the DeeGreen’s function simple enough for anyone, while also claiming to print in quality that would satisfy anyone attempting rapid prototyping. Be3D now has representation ranging from Europe to the United Arab Emirates, and has high hopes that the DeeGreen can become the ‘poster-printer’ for entry-level 3D printing technology around the globe.