Autodesk 123D Creature

123D CreatureEasy to use, more accessible 3D software has emerged more readily in the past couple of years for anyone wanting to design and make their own 3D printed models. Autodesk’s 123D application suite has been available for some time and is aimed at people wanting to create professional looking 3D models without having to learn a complex software tool to achieve it. The latest addition to this suite is 123D Creature, which allows users to design 3D creatures and 3D print them straight from their iPad.

The new 123D Creature app, which is sold now at $1.99, allows you to design your creature and then sculpt detailed features with additional elements on the skin from paint to feathers – or anything else your imagination can conjure up.

You can start the process by adding joints and limbs and reposition the model by simply moving your fingertips on the screen. Adjusting the shapes are easy as well as adding details using the sculpting tools to change the pose. The final touches can be added by the airbrush or you can choose to use colour from an image and rub it onto your 3D creature.

Once you are happy with your design you can bring the final piece into the render room to generate cool images from your creation and share them with your friends. The 3D printing part is equally as easy as you can use the in-app printing service to 3D print your creature or export your model with all the textures to be printed later on.

The brief video below shows some of these features and illustrates what the app looks like when you use it. You can also see some cool creations in the 123D Creature gallery.