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Anisa Choudhary
Anisa Choudhary
3D printing never ceases to amaze me and I am particularly fascinated by the latest developments within the fashion industry.

In collaboration with the Korea Culture Information Service Agency (KCISA), 3D file sharing website 3Dupndown has released a collection of 3D printable objects from museums in South Korea. 3D model of a baekja cheolhwa myojee, us [...]

The upcoming Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) conference in Chicago has announced keynote speakers from the Caterpillar Inc and special effects studio Legacy Effects. Established in the early 1990s, 2017's AMUG conference [...]

The Royal Society is giving £3000 (4000 USD) to 15 museums and galleries in the UK to help promote their local heroes. The McLean Museum and gallery in Scotland is using the money to display 3D printing techniques alongside the li [...]

Mount Olive High School (MOHS) in New Jersey, welcomes 33 MakerBot 5th Generation Replicator 3D printers to their existing Marauder Innovation Learning Lab (MiLL). A resource of such a size is usually reserved for higher-education [...]

Liverpool in the UK is the latest city taking a strategic approach to Industry 4.0.  This week LCR 4.0 will launch and begin developing ideas about how to increase manufacturing in the area and address issues faced by manufacturer [...]

Miniature models for war games such as those produced by Games Workshop and Privateer Press attract a dedicated following of people willing to spend time and serious money on their hobby. But could the business model of selling su [...]

A new 'Wonderlab' costing $7.5 million at the Science Museum in London, UK will allow people of all ages to immerse themselves in new technology such as virtual reality and 3D scanning.  The Wonderlab plans to reveal the true beau [...]

Wiivv Wearables, a Canadian 3D printing start-up, aims to revolutionize the way people shop. Their plan is to bring at end to ordering the wrong size clothes when shopping online. To do this the company have launched an app that a [...]

New York’s Mount Sinai Health System has introduced 3D printing services for its Department of Neurosurgery. Clinicians will now have the opportunity to order 3D models for their medical cases and users of this ‘Medical Modelling [...]