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ARTIFICIAL Signs with Novabeans to Bring 3D Printable Art to India

As new marketplaces and 3D printing services strive to become the next big platform to digitally deliver physical products through 3D printing, ARTFICIAL, which launched earlier this year, has been making some significant steps forward in making culturally and economically valuable pieces of art more accessible to 3D printing adopters everywhere. Now, expansion of the platform has reached India, through a partnership with leading local 3D printing products distributor Novabeans.

The platform, which originated from Italy and seeks to build a global digital art distribution network, is focused on both a commercial service for customized and professionally 3D printed artworks and educational initiatives focused on controlled distribution of “Art DNA” (professionally 3D scanned models of privately owned artworks) to schools, institutions and  consumers through the Authenthise streaming platform for 3D printable content.


ARTFICIAL’s founder and CEO Girogio Gori explained that this partnership “strengthens ARTFICIAL’s presence within the art product market and serves to accelerate the digitization process for the most important cultural goods, both private and public, present on the Indian territory.” It also marks a step forward in the day-to-day adoption of 3D printing.

This news comes on the heels of a recent report form AlliedMarketResearch which sees 3D printing growing at a CAGR of 34.7% between 2014 and 2020 in emerging economies such as India’s. For Novabean – which is also the official Indian distributor for products by 3D Systems, Ultimaker, Pinshape, CreoPop, 3Doodler and littleBits – this partnership is an opportunity to both promote Western art and culture in the Indian school system and leverage it to promote Indian culture abroad through 3D printing. The company offers 3D printing-focused educational programs in the Indian school system and, now, has developed a special formative program titled “Powered by ARTFICIAL” to teach about the possibilities of 3D printing through the database of digital artworks.


Novabeans Co-founder, Gaurav Loyalka, invited Indian art galleries, museums, sculptors, private collectors, designers, schools and individuals to collaborate with Novabeans to reproduce their classic art as high quality 3D model replicas, as per their taste, desires, and styles. “We believe that a 3D printing art service can contribute to make India’s historical and cultural art heritage accessible to the world and make world classic art available to Indians in various colours, materials, and sizes,” he said.


Apart from the obvious size and geographical differences, Italian and Indian cultures are more similar than most may think, at first. Both nations are peninsulas in the south of their respective continents. Both nations are formed by several different internal regions that have their own cultural traditions and even their own languages (although Italian regional dialects are mostly disappearing). Both have been cradles of civilization and have a long and varied cultural history, a history that can now be shared and spread throughout the world thank to the newest 3D printing technologies, thus taking both of these multi-millennial cultures into the future.