3DP Applications

Another show case of DIY with 3D printing: Phone Covers

Forget phone stickers, how about customizable phone covers that will only cost you 40 USD. A Dutch company called Polychemy can do this for you, as they provide unique style phone cases for iPhone and Blackberry with 3D customization.

Polychemy is a project set up by artists, who specialize in design with 3D printing technologies. The phone cases are first designed and then manufactured with 3D printing technology using poly-amide plastic.

Phone cases are not the only product line for Polychemy: they also design and manufacture custom jewelry, design boxes, sculptures, plates, cups and vases. 3D printing technology gives them more creative freedom and allows higher customization with lower cost.

By the way, they are also looking for more artists to join their project, so if you’re an artist who loves to create, why not contact them.

polychemy design phone covers


polychemy design phohe covers2