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All-In-One 3D Printer, CNC Machine, & Laser Engraver Funded with 38 Days to Go

Two brothers from Pittsburgh, Joel and Justin Johnson (aka the triple J bros), launched a Kickstarter campaign looking for $50,000 to begin full-scale production of their BoXZY combination 3D Printer, CNC Mill, and laser engraver – all different machines that usually are purchased separately from each other.  Joel and Justin have a different vision about 3D printing, which is that it isn’t enough on its own.  Digital fabrication is the cue here, and people are taking it on Kickstarter.  As I am writing this, I have a window open on the KS page, and they are currently more-than-funded at $80,857.


The brothers put out this statement, which sums up the goal of their entrepreneurial efforts.

Introducing BoXZY, the most versatile desktop fabrication device on the market. We built BoXZY so you can do more, better. This triple-threat tool combines a 3D Printer, CNC Mill, and Laser Engraver ­in one compact cube. By utilizing the quick-change heads, any maker can shape a block of aluminum, hardwood, or plastic into intricate designs; 3D print complex plastic shapes; or laser engrave into objects made of wood, leather or plastic. 

BoXZY’s is an extremely robust maker space that rapidly becomes what you need when you need it. Simply slide one attachment out and slide another in without any compromise in precision. To power all these tools and create BoXZY’s 4 micron resolution, BoXZY drives all 3 axes with industrial ballscrews, which are firmly nested in BoXZY’s sleek, black anodized aluminum body.

Milling wood, plastic, brass, aluminum, or other materials, and then being able to 3D print a unique component, with the option to use laser mode to engrave interesting designs or whatever you want seems to good to be true.  b3

The machine is designed with a ballscrew actuation system, allowing the user to switch between milling, 3D printing, and engraving modes.  The features from their Kickstarter page are pretty staggering (in their words):

  • Quick-change attachments. Rapidly switch CNC milling attachment, laser cutter/engraver, and 3D printer. Create with more materials in more ways–or do more on the same build. BoXZY is an arsenal of creation.
  • All major components are CNC milled from solid billets of aluminum.
  • The body is Quarter-inch thick aluminum. BoXZY defies the apocalypse.
  • Ballscrew actuation. Industrial ballscrews actuate all 3 axes. BoXZY is in control.
  • 4 Micron resolution. BoXZY is precise.
  • No assembly, no programming. BoXZY is complete.
  • 935 watt (1.25hp) CNC milling capacity. BoXZY is powerful.
  • Adjustable CNC milling speeds anywhere between 10,000 and 30,000 RPM. BoXZY is flexible.
  •  USB slot. BoXZY’s has the hook up.
  • Fully Expandable Electronics: So you can build your own attachments. BoXZY is Hackable.
  •  2000 mW laser, 445 nm laser. BoXZY is so sci-fi.
  • 3D Print in many kinds of filament: PLA, PVA, Ninja-flex, ABS, and even Nylon with our high temperature enclosure kit. BoXZY is loaded.
  • CNC Mill almost anything: aluminum, hardwoods, acrylic, Delrin, ABS, Renshape, machinable wax, and yes, even some steel alloys.

BoXZY is close to encapsulating a digital fabrication lab in one machine and, although there have been other similar desktop fablabs on crowdfunding campaigns before, the price of the BoXYZ is hard to beat. For $1,399: Early Bird backers get the BoXZY machine with the CNC Mill attachment. For $1,599: Early Bird backers will get to choose any one of the three modular tool heads. For $2,499: Backers get the BoXYZ machine with all three tool heads.

boxyz 3D prints

Since they have already reached their goal before April 18th, the campaign suggests that the BoXZY will start shipping in November, 2015.  And, while it’s already funded, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still back the campaign.  To learn more, head over to their Kickstarter page.