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Airwolf 3D releases new state-of–the-art 3D printing software

Southern California company, Airwolf 3D have announced the open beta version of APEX, their latest state-of-the-art 3D-printing software. The team at Airwolf developed APEX exclusively for use with their 3D printers in an effort to continually improve upon integrative usability for all of their products.


Working toward full integration

Airwolf 3D have often been praised by makers and big partners in the industry for their unrivaled customer service and product upgrades. Having sold thousands of 3D printers since its initial launch, they’ve gained support and loyalty from a wide range of players in the industry. The previous dual head upgrade on their famed Axiom 3D printer was just one example of how they readily meet and exceed demands from their customer base. According to Airwolf 3D Co-founder and Lead Designer, Erick Wolf, their latest venture into software was simply the next logical step for the company:

“Having optimized nearly all aspects of the hardware and our technical support, software is the next frontier. Customers need an intuitive and seamless 3D printing experience right out of the box and APEX fills this need for a straightforward 3D-printing solution.”

Special new features

Developers at Airwolf 3D realized that their printers often presented a learning curve for 3D printing novices, which drove them to create APEX as a way to simplify many complex features. APEX was modeled on top of Cura’s open source engine and offers users the following features:

  • completely customized and fully optimized for use with Airwolf 3D printers
  • ability to print in over 40 different kinds of materials, including industrial-grade polycarbonate and nylon
  • eliminates the need to find, download, and import slicing configurations with pre-loaded and ready to use settings
  • fully optimized material profiles for all models of Airwolf 3D machines


Still more to come

Wolf goes on to explain that the company only plans to go up from here with more and more optimization improvements:

“Just like our machines, this software will be upgraded continuously as we strive to provide the smoothest, most intuitive 3D-printing process available for Airwolf 3D customers. APEX is the missing link that our customers needed to take 3D-printing to a whole new level.”

For example, developers plan to optimize the software for Windows-based machines and will eventually release a version for Mac OS X in the future, as well. As APEX is still in it beta phase, Airwolf 3D invites all customers to participate in the APEX Beta Testing Program. By providing feedback via the APEX Beta Testing Feedback Form, customers will receive a complimentary full-size bottle of Wolfbite Bed Adhesion Solution in the formula of their choice and a spool of ABS filament.