Airwolf 3D's Axiom 3D Printer Gets a Dual Head Upgrade

California’s Airwolf 3D is one company that has successfully improved their desktop 3D printers over time to the satisfaction of Makers and industrial partners alike.  The latest development from the company sees their pro-level Axiom 3D printer get an important upgrade via the introduction of the AXIOM 2 dual-extruder printer.

airwolf 3D dual extruder axiom 2 3D printer

Debuting at the Pacific Design & Manufacturing 2016 Show from February 9 – 11, 2016 at the Anaheim California convention center, the AXIOM 2 is meant for multi-material 3D printing using two independently controllable, high-temperature nozzles. And, because the hot ends can sustain temperatures as high as 315 degrees Celsius (599 degrees Fahrenheit), the AXIOM 2 can handle a wide range of materials, such as nylon and polycarbonate.  With dual extrusion, users can print with soluble supports for the creation of more complex objects, in addition to dual-color or dual-material prints.

airwolf 3D dual extruder axiom 2 3D printer hotend

Made from extruded aluminum and injection molded polycarbonate components, the AXIOM 2 has a print volume of 12”x8”x9.5”.  A heated bed, auto-leveling, an “easy feed” filament loading system, and an enclosed print area complement dual extrusion capabilities for an all-around professional 3D printing experience. The printhead itself is integrated into a larger End-User Replaceable Cassette (ERC) that also includes the CoreXY assembly for easy upgrade.  This is particularly relevant to AXIOM owners that might want to upgrade to the AXIOM 2.

airwolf 3D dual extruder axiom 2 3D printer 3d-printer-cassette

Erick Wolf, founder and chairman of Airwolf 3D, says of the latest release, “The AXIOM 2 sets the new standard in multi-material desktop 3D printing. We can independently control the temperature of two separate, high temperature, print heads to create material combinations not previously possible such as polycarbonate and ABS hybrid parts having high rigidity in some areas and ductility in others.”

airwolf 3D dual extruder axiom 2 3D printer with wolves

Airwolf 3D is accepting pre-orders for the $4995 AXIOM 2, expected to ship beginning in early March.  AXIOM owners can send in their current systems to Airwolf HQ for a $1,495 upgrade, which includes shipping and labor. Manufactured at the Airwolf facility in California, the AXIOM 2 will be available for purchase or lease from the company itself or through its worldwide resellers.