You Don’t Want to Miss the 2nd Annual AM for Government 2014 Conference

December 8th to the 10th in Washington DC the 2nd Annual Additive Manufacturing for Government 2014 conference will gather large business leaders, government agencies, entrepreneurs and DoD representatives to discuss the future of additive manufacturing and what it means for US industry.

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Additive manufacturing has been slowly pushing industrial manufacturing into the future at an astounding rate. A few years ago you could rattle off the few industries that had use for it pretty quickly, but these days you’d be hard pressed to name an industry that doesn’t benefit from additive manufacturing. But as with anything, growth brings new challenges, and when it comes to additive manufacturing and 3D printing, the growth has been almost impossibly meteoric. That accelerated growth is exciting, but it is bringing along with it challenges at an analogous rate.

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AMG 14 plans to tackle many of those challenges head on with three days of talks, presentations and workshops aimed at connecting some of the smartest minds in 3D printing, government agencies and contractors with industry leaders and an eager business community looking to adapt 3D printing technology to their companies. Some of the challenges being discussed are in process monitoring, non-destructive certification and qualification techniques, the prevention of IP theft and the ability to 3D print products containing embedded electronics.

America Makes 3D Printing InstituteThe conference will be kicked off with a keynote from Ed Morris, the VP and Director of America Makes – National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, a leading organisation focused on developing additive manufacturing in the US. He will be joined on stage by other industry leader representatives from companies including GE Aviation, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. And presentations will also be given by government agencies like the Joint Strike Fighter Program, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US Army Research Laboratory and NASA’s Goddard Flight Center.

Currently the US Department of Defense is looking to invest 30 million dollars directly into additive manufacturing companies. They currently have 22 ongoing applied research projects funded with a 13.5 million dollar public investment that is contracting the services of 90 private businesses and organisations. Essentially, if you want to be in the business of 3D printing things for the government or the aerospace industry, this is the place to get in on the ground floor.

You can find out more information about the 2nd Annual Additive Manufacturing for Government 2014 on their website, and register to attend the conference.