Additer — A Digital Manufacturing Marketplace

The additer.com website launched recently, providing ‘a marketplace for digital manufacturing.’

Additer is service-based and “hosts a project bidding space” that links consumers with producers. Production methods include 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC. Capacity is also provided for 3D design, 3D scanning, consulting and R&D projects. The premise is that a designer/consumer can post their project and producers/fulfillment candidates can then bid on the project accordingly. The designer/consumer can then compare any or all of the bids and select their supplier from the bids submitted.

The Additer site is currently live in Beta at this point, and reflects a growing number of similar sites around the world. Additer is based out of Melbourne, Australia and in their own words, aims to “provide a global platform to connect makers and buyers and create networks for decentralised production.”

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Source: Additer

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