Accreate Labs to 3D print User Interface Panels for the ISRO space project

Accreate Labs, a Bengaluru-based 3D printing service bureau, has stepped forward to produce 3D printed User Interface panels and parts in two aerospace projects.

The start-up will provide such parts to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) operated Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) called the Gaganyaan as well as the production of Rafale fighter jets for the French Navy.

“We held preliminary discussions with top representatives of Antrix Corporation, the corporate arm of ISRO,” said Ravi Shankar, Managing Director of Accreate Labs, to Deccan Chronicle.

“We are unique to have aerospace certified materials (FDA Approved), FDA 510K complaint Stratasys 3D print technology and aerospace designers with more than a decade of aerospace design work behind them. We see that Accreate Labs could help make mechanisms faster, and cheaper and with more customizations for India and ISRO.”

3D printed components used by ISRO at Wipro 3D stand at TCT 2018 in the UK. Photo by Swamini Khanvilkar.
3D printed components manufactured by Wipro 3D and used by ISRO at TCT 2018 in the UK. Photo by Swamini Khanvilkar.

3D printed user Interface Panels

Founded in 2017, Accreate Labs aims to bring additive manufacturing to the aerospace-defense and healthcare sectors. The company is a customer of Stratasys India and thus is able to leverage such systems as the Fortus 450mc Production 3D Printer and the Objet500 Connex3.

The GSLV, which has been used in thirteen launches since 2001, is scheduled to carry two India nationals on a voyage into outer space in 2022. With the 3D printed User Interface Panels, the crew members will be able to operate controls in the GSLV that require customization and soft, overlaid electronic devices. 

Furthermore, manned missions will enable the refurbishment of the rocket’s interior Shankar added. “This is where 3D printing fit for UX – User Interface panels makes a huge difference.

“We observed, for example, that Mars manned surface craft (Rover) being experimented upon by NASA has no less than 84 3D Printed parts, all done on Stratasys technology.”

The GSLV. Photo via the ISRO.
The GSLV. Photo via the ISRO.

In addition, for the Rafale aircrafts, Accreate Labs plans to work closely with Dassault Systemes, in India. According to the company, Dassault Systems are connecting start-ups in the production of Falcon 2000 jets in India under the defense offset contract.

“We hope that and will depend on Dassault Systemes to integrate us into the production indigenization of new Rafale aircraft,” stated Shankar.

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Featured image shows the GSLV. Photo via the ISRO.