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A Wealth of 3D Printing Opportunities in Singapore

The Inside 3D Printing event for the Asia-Pacific region, taking place 1-2 October in Singapore has a strong 2-day programme. We revealed one of the highlights previously here on 3DPI, namely the session dedicated to funding new 3D printing business ventures chaired by Dr Virginia Cha. Focused business opportunities are key to this event, but there are also many other great opportunities around 3D printing to take advantage of at Inside 3D Printing Asia-Pacific. The opportunity, for example, to learn more about the technologies and how they are being applied in the region, as well as significant developments from industry experts both native to Asia and from further afield.

The conference programme brings together some key industry players — both veterans and new entrepreneurs that have made a big impact in 3D printing. Indeed, the conference will be opened by Ian Gibson, Associate Professor with the Engineering Design and Innovation Centre at the National University of Singapore. In terms of longevity, Ian is one of the longest standing members of the 3D printing community, with more than two decades of experience. Two of the keynote speakers are also 3D printing industry veterans — Avi Reichental, CEO of 3D Systems and Terry Wohlers, Principal Consultant and President of 
Wohlers Associates, Inc. Avi’s keynote presentation will bring the audience insight into this 3D printing giant and share his vision for a 3D printing-based manufacturing economy of the future. Terry, from a more neutral position, will offer a global market update, how 3D printing technology is penetrating into different sectors around the world and potentially where it is all heading.

The entire two-day conference programme aims to cater to the needs of attendees what ever their requirements. With sessions running over two tracks during both days, each will be dedicated in focus and will bring opportunities to learn and network with like-minded people. The line up of speakers is impressive, realism is a given while promising to be wholly inspiring. The following provides a taster of what visitors can expect:

Hanyang Leong is Co-Founder of 
Funbie Studios, and, being based on the ground in Singapore, he will talk about ‘Building 3D Printing Communities’ in the region. It’s already happening, mostly from the ground up, with enthusiasts buying their own machines and setting up small start-up companies to serve the needs of local Singaporeans.

Inside 3D Printing organisers are also delighted to welcome Wim Michiels
 who is CEO of 
Materialise Malaysia and Executive Vice President of 
Materialise NV. Wim’s insight is extremely valuable as he is able to bring specific regional knowledge but with a truly global perspective from one of the original pioneering 3D printing companies.

As CEO of Prototype Asia, Benoit Valin
 will present key e-Commerce opportunities in 3D printing across Asia-Pacific, drawing on his experience as the founder of one of the first 3D printing service providers in Singapore.

The medical sector has always been a key application field for 3D printing technologies, and a session will be dedicated to this subject, headed up by Phil Reeves, Managing Director of Econolyst. In a presentation entitled “3D Printing a Healthy World”, Phil will offer a detailed market analysis and forecast of Additive Manufacturing & 3D printing within the global healthcare sector. Phil’s presentation will be followed by two further presentations from experts in this field. Ranjit Singh GILL is a surgeon that uses 3D imaging and 3D printing in his theatres to improve surgical outcomes for his patients. This could get graphic, but is there a more inspirational application of 3D printing technology than when it makes someone’s life better in a fundamental way?

Thiam Chye Lim is an Associate Professor at the 
National University of Singapore and has implemented one of the first 3D printers ever to be located within a clinical centre in a hospital setting. His presentation “Reconstructive Surgery and 3D Printing” will consider how 3D printing is to the building of models and templates for the more complex cases he deals with in facial reconstruction. He will describe some of the cases he has worked on and provide insight into how 3D Printing can be used to solve the surgical problems of today.

In terms of consumer 3D printing, one of the new start-ups to make the biggest splash is easily Pirate3D, who had huge success with its Kickstarter campaign for a new, truly accessible and affordable 3D printer — the Buccaneer. Roger Chang is 
CEO of Pirate3D and will be presenting at the conference in Singapore. He will outline his vision of how consumer 3D printing is set to take off in a big way and how, a decade from now, we will look back and wonder how we survived without personal 3D printers; much in the same way we would reminisce about a past without cell phones or computers. This is sure to be a highlight of the conference and attendees will be able to find out how production of the Buccaneers is coming along.

A presentation on metal 3D printing in the aerospace industry, will see 3DPI’s contributing writer, Maltesh Somasekharappa expand further on the 3D printing activities at Wipro in India and how the technology is bringing opportunities and cost savings.

Olaf Diegel, Professor of Mechatronics at Massey University in New Zealand, who has gained a strong reputation across the 3D printing community due to his spectacular 3D printed guitars will also be presenting in Singapore. His presentation —3D Printing: A Bridge Between Engineers and Innovation? Will consider how 3D printing will have a marked effect on how we order, design, and manufacture products as well as the impact on our wider society, and how we live and do business.

And it would be remiss not to cover the controversial issue of 3D Printing: IP and the Law. And so, 
William J. Cass, a 
Partner at 
Cantor Colburn LLP will do just that.

The entire two days of Inside 3D Printing Singapore offer a wealth of opportunities for information gathering, true insight and invaluable networking. Registration for the event is open now.

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