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A look at WAZER’s latest waterjet cutting system

New York-based technology company WAZER has launched its WAZER Pro, a powerful and efficient waterjet system designed to perform in-house cutting of parts in various materials.

Priced at $18,999, the WAZER Pro offers fast cutting capabilities, allowing users to make parts in minutes or hours, with a cutting speed two to four times faster than its predecessor WAZER Desktop. It can cut thick materials, including aluminum, glass, plastic, and tile up to 1 inch thick and steel up to ⅜ inch thick. 

Designed for minimal maintenance, it ensures continuous cutting with the least upkeep required among waterjets. User-friendly and operable by anyone in any shop, it uses standard water and electricity. 

“WAZER Pro enables all manufacturers to automate what is otherwise a very inefficient method of making custom parts,” said Nisan Lerea, Co-Founder and CEO of WAZER. “WAZER Pro brings a huge increase in productivity for manufacturers that currently spend millions of hours each year manually cutting parts with saws or waiting weeks for outsourced parts to arrive. It’s time for every shop to have a universal digital cutting tool that’s affordable and can be operated by anyone.”

WAZER Pro in a shop. Photo via WAZER.
The WAZER Pro in a shop. Photo via WAZER.

Key features of the WAZER Pro

According to the company, the WAZER Pro features 2.1 kW of hydraulic power, which allows it to cut materials quickly and manage thick materials efficiently. This capacity enables the machine to cut over 1,000 fused glass circles (each 15mm in diameter and 3mm thick). Designed for high productivity, the WAZER Pro can operate continuously for 90 minutes, permitting users to attend to other tasks concurrently. It collects all used abrasive during the cutting process, preventing buildup at the bottom of the tank and eliminating the need for manual removal.

The machine’s high-pressure system has been engineered to remove all failure-prone components, resulting in extremely low failure rates and minimal maintenance requirements. No scheduled maintenance is needed on the high-pressure system for up to 600 hours of cutting. Additionally, magnetic drain filters effectively capture ferrous particles when cutting ferrous materials and are easy to clean.

The machine boasts an absolute-zero locating feature, simplifying the process of cutting features on existing parts and creating reusable fixtures for repetitive tasks. Users can design locating jigs that reference permanent pins on the tank, ensuring consistent reference points even if the cutting bed swells or requires replacement. 

To maintain cleanliness, an integrated sprayer allows users to wash down finished parts directly within the machine, contributing to a tidy shop environment. With its compact 2 x 3ft footprint, the machine is designed to fit seamlessly into any workshop.

Despite offering more than double the cutting power, the WAZER Pro operates quietly by cutting with the nozzle submerged underwater, providing a noise level lower than that of the WAZER Desktop. Operating on single-phase electrical power (220V / 20A), the machine ensures easy installation as a plug-and-play device suitable for both workshops and homes. The machine is designed to be compatible with standard electrical systems across North America (220V / 60Hz single-phase) and internationally (220V / 50Hz single-phase).

Moreover, the WAZER Pro is upward compatible with the WAZER Desktop, featuring the same easy-to-use waterjet platform, says the company. It uses the same software, user interface, nozzle, cut beds, and abrasive, facilitating a straightforward transition for users moving from the WAZER Desktop to the WAZER Pro.

Technical specifications of the WAZER Pro

Potential customers can visit the official page to learn more about the WAZER Pro and order details.

ModelWAZER Pro
Cutting Area (D x W)12 x 18 in; 305 x 460 mm
Kerf (width of cut)0.044 in; 1.1 mm
Abrasive Rate0.33 lb/min; 0.15 kg/min
Power Requirement220V / 60Hz (North America); 220V / 50Hz (International)
Cutting SpeedVaries by material and thickness. 
Cutting MaterialsCuts metal, glass, plastic, composites, tile, rubber, foam.
Maximum Cutting ThicknessVaries by material.
Continuous Cutting Time90 min (before refilling the abrasive hopper)
Gantry Max Speed59 IPM; 1,500 mm/min
Gantry Positional Accuracy0.003 in; 0.08 mm
Warranty Period1 year.

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Featured image shows the WAZER Pro in a shop. Photo via WAZER.