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Dyze Design Launches the Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder

Dyze Design, a leader in high-performance and pellet-based 3D printing extrusion systems, has announced the launch of its latest innovation, the Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder

This cutting-edge extruder is specifically designed for 1.75mm filament and leverages Dyze Design’s advanced MeltCore™ technology, delivering an exceptional flow rate of 685 grams per hour (154 mm3/s). This positions the Zephyr™ as one of the fastest printheads available on the market for this filament size.

“The Zephyr™ extruder is engineered for high-speed 3D printing without compromising on quality and performance. It is ideal for rapid prototyping and small series production, addressing the modern industrial demand for both speed and precision,” commented Simon Duchaine, Chief Commercial Officer of Dyze Design.

“Zephyr™ is the result of almost 10 years of developing industrial-grade printheads. We’ve integrated the best elements from our previous extruders, creating a solution that bridges desktop additive manufacturing with large-scale industrial applications.”

Dyze Design is now accepting pre-orders for the Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder on its official website, with order fulfillment expected to begin in July.  

Key Features of the Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder

Dyze Design’s new Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder employs the company’s unique MeltCore™ technology, designed to ensure consistent filament melting and faster flow rates for enhanced 3D printing efficiency. 

This technology enables the Zephyr™ extruder to achieve flow rates of 685g/hr (154mm3/s). This makes it ideal for users wanting to achieve high-speed 3D printing without compromising on quality. 

MeltCore™ nozzles range from 0.4mm to 1.8mm, making the extruder adaptable for both detailed 3D prints and rapid throughput.   

Side view of the Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder. Photo via Dyze Design
Side view of the Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder. Photo via Dyze Design.

Dual independent heaters are also incorporated into the Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder. The two 70W heaters enable precise temperature control and faster heat-up times, ensuring optimal extrusion conditions for each material type.

With a maximum heating temperature of 500°C, Zephyr™ is compatible with high-temperature materials including PEEK and PEI. This makes the extruder a versatile tool for industrial 3D printing applications. 

Advanced and precise PT100 temperature sensors are also included to ensure superior temperature accuracy. This is a key requirement for materials that possess strict thermal requirements.   

A double grip mechanism is also incorporated into the Zephyr™ extruder. This enhances filament traction, reduces slippage, and improves feeding accuracy which is essential for consistent extrusion and 3D print quality.   

The system’s filament tension adjustment feature offers nine settings to accommodate a wide range of filaments, from flexible to slightly oversized. What’s more, the extruder is compatible with all FDM 3D printable material types including elastomers, high-temperature polymers, and standard filaments.

According to Duchaine, the filament tension adjustment feature enhances 3D print consistency by ensuring optimal extrusion for each material type. “This adaptability simplifies the printing process, reducing the need for multiple extruders and allowing for precise, reliable prints with materials ranging from standard PLA to softer materials like TPU or TPE,” added Duchaine. 

Close-up of the Dyze Design's Zephyr™ Extruder. Photo via Dyze Design.
Close-up of the Dyze Design’s Zephyr™ Extruder. Photo via Dyze Design.

The extruder’s precise 3.1:1 gear ratio effectively balances speed and torque, and accommodates a variety of 3D printing needs. The gears are made from hardened alloy steel, offering durability and longevity, and reducing the need for frequent maintenance. The Zephyr™ extruder as a whole is designed to be easily maintained, offering easy access to internal components for maintenance and cleaning. This ensures long-term reliability and performance consistency. 

Weighing under 700 grams, the Zephyr™ features a lightweight and compact design for unparalleled portability and ease of installation. This makes the extruder well suited to use in a range of operational environments, without compromising on performance.  

Close up of the Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder. Photo via Dyze Design.
The Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder nozzle. Photo via Dyze Design.

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Featured image shows the Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder. Photo via Dyze Design.