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Lunavast Adds Layer Dying to Color FDM 3D Printer

Before the end of 2015, I was introduced to the Lunavast CrafteHbot 3D printer kit. Developed by Lunavast as a potential full-color FDM process, the CrafteHbot utilizes an inkjet printhead to dye 3D printed objects after they have been printed.  Perhaps tipped off by our own readers’ comments, Lunavast has added a further enhancement to their product that actually dyes objects while the print is taking place.

Lunavast CrafteHbot full color fdm 3D printer from japan

To reiterate, to introduce this dying process to the CrafteHbot 3D printer, customers will have to disassemble a color inkjet printer and install the printhead into the CrafteHbot kit. The CrafteHbot utitlizes the inkheads to spray ink at a distance of within 10mm.

CrafteHbot full color fff 3D printing from lunavast

Previously, the printer would dye objects that had to be rotated in order to color each side, making it difficult to cover more complex objects. The new “Color Layer printing function” allows for each layer to be dyed as printing is completed. Other features of the printer are its aluminum frame, two Bondtech QR extruders, double drive gears, and an Arduino Due with 32-bit CPU.

CrafteHbot lunavast full color fdm 3D printing

Currently, the CrafteHbot kit is up for pre-order, with a $500 discount for orders placed before January 20th when using the code “craftehbotlaunch” on the Lunavast website. This brings the price down from US$2,499 to $1,999. The output of the CrafteHbot isn’t quite as refined as I’m sure customers might demand, but it looks as though Lunavast knows that the full-color 3D printing explosion is just around the corner and wants to get in on the action fast.