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ROBO 3D Gives Us a Whiff of Their Latest Innovations at CES 2016

Since conquering a big portion of the US market and expanding their distribution deeper into Europe (as well as Canada and Latin America) last year, it seems that ROBO 3D is now shifting their attention towards further developing their 3D product line. This week at CES 2016, ROBO 3D is showcasing a variety of new products, some of which are so unique that you can literally smell it!

Robo3D_Mini_3-4_Blue Window
The ROBO 3D R2 Mini
The ROBO 3D R2
The ROBO 3D R2

ROBO 3D will be unveiling two 3D printers at CES 2016, one made for entry-level 3D printing and the other for the prosumer type. The ROBO 3D R2 Mini, which is the more basic of the two models, was engineered for beginners looking to undertake smaller-scale 3D printing projects. Priced at under $1,000, the R2 Mini is said to be among the smallest and most portable 3D printers on the market, which could be a benefit or hindrance depending on the prospective customer. The ROBO 3D R2, on the other hand, provides a fair 1,000 cubic inches of build space and is priced at just under $2,000. And both systems are designed to handle third-party filaments with no problem.

ROBO 3D at CES 2016



“ROBO 3D democratizes consumer 3D printing. We make accessible hundreds of open source materials available on the market together with a large print build and the best speed in its class,” said Dan Koziol, CEO of ROBO 3D. “We are passionate about the things you will create next.”


But that doesn’t mean they don’t have some pretty sweet filaments of their own. As a matter of fact, ROBO 3D will also be unveiling their new scented filaments at CES 2016, which will include scented flavors, such as apple, blueberry, grape, and strawberry. In addition to their new ‘print-and-sniff’ filament and latest line of 3D printers, ROBO 3D will also use CES as the launchpad for their ‘ROBO-Mobile’ WiFi connector enhancement, which will allow their consumers to access and print on their ROBO 3D printers via smartphone.


All of ROBO 3D’s newest innovations can be seen at CES 2016, located within the Tech West 3D Printing Marketplace at the Sands Expo. Along with their focus on open source, it seems that ROBO 3D will have their open hearts on display as well. The company has also announced that they will be supplying every ROBO 3D printer purchased in 2016 with an e-NABLE prosthetic limb 3D print kit, giving their users important insight on how their 3D printing technology can be used for the betterment of society.