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3ntr launches Spectral 30 PEEK 3D printer – Technical specifications

3ntr, an Italian 3D printer manufacturer, has introduced a new FFF 3D printer at Formnext 2019: the Spectral 30. 

Capable of 3D printing at high temperatures, the Spectral 30 is designed for use with high-performing polymers like PEEK, Ultem, PEI and PEKK. Development of the Spectral 30 was borne out of the Clean Sky project, a research program aiming to reduce CO2 gas emissions and noise levels produced by aircraft using advanced technologies, supported by the European Union. 

As such, the system was developed with insights from French polymer research firm RESCOLL and international aerospace giant Airbus, who provided research on integrating 3D printers within the aerospace production process. “Thanks to research and feedback obtained from Airbus, Rescoll and several key customers, we have developed Spectral 30, the industrial 3D printer for high performance and low-cost polymers or incidence,” commented Davide Ardizzoia, CEO at 3ntr. 

“With Spectral 30 operators have precise control of the machine and the freedom to innovate in design and design materials for any type of production, while always giving the security of the final result.”

The Spectral 30. Photo via 3ntr.
The Spectral 30. Photo via 3ntr.

From lingerie to high-performance polymers

Headquartered in Oleggio, a province just north of Milan, 3ntr is a developer of FFF 3D printers. The company is a division of Jdeal Form, an Italian lingerie and swimwear company that developed the first 3ntr 3D printer to meet its production needs, which it debuted in 2013 at the Maker Faire in Rome. 

Since then, 3ntr 3D printers have been adopted by customers for prototyping and production. For example, Milanese packaging company Goglio SpA has been using 3ntr 3D printers since 2016. The company integrated 3D printed parts into its packaging machinery, many of which have now become standard components. 

3ntr’s FFF 3D printer range previously included the A4 and A2 3D printers. The smaller of the two, the A4V4 has a max build volume measuring 295 x 195 x 200 mm. The nozzle can reach a maximum temperature of 450°C. The A2V4 works in the same temperature range as its little sister A4V4, however, its build volume has been expanded to 600 x 325 x 500 mm for the production of larger parts.

The new Spectral 30 expands 3ntr’s line of FFF systems, and comes equipped with four nozzles, with a maximum temperature of 500°C for processing high-performance polymers. The nozzles are able to quickly change between materials, creating the potential for multi-material objects by combining different polymers. 3ntr has designed the Spectral 30 to provide durability and repeatability of the 3D printed parts. It is installed with an automated calibration process, automated plate leveling, and four of 3ntr’s Vento dryers, which helps to protect the polymer material during printing. 

The Spectral 30. Photo via 3ntr.
The Spectral 30. Photo via 3ntr.

Spectral 30 technical specifications

Below are the technical specifications of the Spectral 30. The pricing of the new system has yet to be disclosed. For more information on the system, 3ntr is exhibiting its new 3D printer at Formnext 2019, in Hall 12.1, Stand G99.

Nozzle Diameter 1.75 mm
Number of Nozzles 4
Drying 4 Vento drying units (5kg spools max)
UI 10″ touch screen
Cooling High power liquid cooling
Usable polymers Ultem AM9085F, PEEK, PEKK, PAEK, PPSU, ABS, ABS_esd, ABS HD, ABS FAST, ASA, Carbon+, Iglidur, Nylon+, nPOWER, Glass+, PCABS, PETG, zWAX
Max nozzle temperature 500°C
Max plate temperature 300°C
Max chamber temperature 250°C
Max dryer temperature 110°C
Build volume 300 x 300 x 300 mm
Positioning precision 0.005 mm
System size 1158(W) x 882(D) x 1788(H) mm
Power supply 380 V (EU) or 240 V (US)

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Featured image shows the Spectral 30. Photo via 3ntr.