3ntr Heads to the US with Portland Partnership

Not long ago, 3DPI had the opportunity to review the A4v3 from 3ntr, finding it to be a solid, industrial machine. Now, the Italian company behind the professional A4v3 system is ready to take their technology overseas and they’re bringing an even larger 3D printer with it.

3ntr 3D printers

3ntr has had a focus on industrial-grade 3D printing since its inception, developing machines with high temperature extrusion and an enclosed print chamber.  This allows the A4v3 and the large-format A2v2 able to work with such high-performance materials as self-lubricating IGLIDUR from Igus, NylonCarbon and PA66+Glass composites, as well as PolyCarbonate (PC), PC-ABS, PETG, TPU, and the company’s own soluble support material, SSU01.  Three, water-cooled printheads, and a HEPA filter outfit the 3ntr machines for use at production capacity, as well.

Through a partnership with Portland-based Plural AM, US customers will have the opportunity to take advantage of these industrial capabilities. Plural Co-Founder Ed Israel says of the partnership, “We will be launching in the U.S. in the near future and are very excited about our relationship with 3ntr.” He adds, “We are excited because the printers are the best combination of quality and pricing we have found in our worldwide search and working with Davide Ardizzoia and his company is a sheer pleasure. Having great products and great and responsive people behind them is a dream in this world of widespread sub-par quality and customer service. We will replicate this model for our customers in the U.S.”

Founder of 3ntr, Davide Ardizzoia, comments, “We are excited to be working with absolutely brilliant people like Tom McKasson and Ed Israel. We could not find a better partner to do business with North American customers. The partnership is set to bring real production systems at cost-effective prices to U.S. customers. Both SMB and large industrial manufacturers will gain a significant competitive boost from the adoption of 3ntr’s and Plural’s offerings.”

Interesting parties can head over to the Plural AM site to inquire about purchasing 3ntr 3D printers and, soon, you may be able to get your own 3D printing factory up and running in the US.