3DPI.TV – Quin: The Customizable 3D Printable Doll

Quincy Robinson and Natalie Mathis wanted to solve the problem faced by any consumer looking to purchase a new fashion doll. Because the clothing and accessories from one line don’t carry over to fit on a doll from another line, some individuals find themselves chained to the same brand. The duo, who have already been 3D-printing for some time and are long-time veterans of the toy industry, decided to make a customizable, 3D printable doll with a variety of swappable limbs to fit any brand. They named the doll Quin and they hope to bring her to life on Kickstarter.

Mathis and Robinson took their toy modelling and 3D printing experience and combined them to make a doll that is printed in a number of separate pieces, without the need for support structures. You can print an entire Quin doll in one job and, then, snap the pieces together to have a full-assembled figure.

As a result, Quin truly utilizes 3D printing to enact progress. Whether intentional or not, Mathis and Robinson may have created a doll that doesn’t just challenge the sales tactics of mass-manufactured brands, but that challenges the basis for the entire fashion doll market.