3DPI.TV – D3D's Autolift Prevents AutoLeaking

The D3D team is back on Kickstarter with another 3D printing innovation. Whilst developing the idea for their previous project the team discovered that rigid mounted hot ends could create quality prints, but had limited ability to offer high resolution when printing with two colours. This showcased the need for high performance hot ends that could prevent dragging, eliminate stringing and break the 100 micron barrier.

The AutoLift system automatically lifts the nozzle during filament retraction, eliminating dragging and preventing the deposition of extra plastic. Autolift comprises of a micro linear bearing and spring to activate the retracted nozzle position. The system is designed to function as part of the standard filament retraction operation. The system is adjustable to allow the user to fine tune the amount of retraction depending on the printing objectives.

The team has tested the system with many materials including, ABS, PLA, PVA, Nylon, HDPE and a few custom materials; and have experienced outstanding results with all materials. D3D’s funding goal is set at USD$10,000, which will allow them to purchase materials in volume to keep production costs low.

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