3Diligent launches Industry 4.0 consulting service

3Diligent, a Californian digital manufacturing service provider, has launched a 3D printing consulting service – 3Diligent Consulting. According to the company, the service will work with manufacturers to develop additive manufacturing strategies and designs that can provide a competitive advantage for automated processes, i.e, Industry 4.0.

“There are a number of companies delivering Industry 4.0 consulting services, but none have the unique perspective of actually delivering parts across dozens of additive processes,” said Cullen Hilkene, CEO of 3Diligent.

“Combining 3Diligent’s hands-on experience with the rigorous training I gained delivering consulting engagements at Deloitte and am imparting to our consulting team, we are able to deliver our clients an unmatched value proposition.”

3Diligent's exisitng catalogue of additive manufacturing materials is now being expanded. Photo via 3Diligent.
A selection of 3D printed objects created by 3Diligent’s global manufacturing network. Photo via 3Diligent.

Expanding 3D printing expertise  

Since its founding in 2014, 3Diligent has provided a range of additive manufacturing services as well as CNC machining, casting, and injection molding for custom components, prototype designs, tools, and replacement parts.

In 2017, the company introduced silicone 3D printing processes capable of developing electronics and artificial organs. Earlier this year, it began working with construction cladding specialist Walters & Wolf to build Rainier Square Tower, a new 58-story skyscraper in Seattle which involved the 3D printing of 140 individual nodes. Most recently, it announced an expansion to its manufacturing network with the qualification of 250 facilities across six continents.

3Diligent Consulting

3Diligent claims that its consulting service, “combines the unique perspective of a contract manufacturer living the realities of additive prototyping, production, and aftermarket support with the finely tuned strategic background of a top five global management consultancy.”

As a result of 3Diligent’s breadth of experience its consulting service is able to offer two distinct advisory services to help companies make optimal use of additive manufacturing.

The first is called Strategic Advisory Services for Industry 4.0. This service will assist companies in developing strategies to successfully incorporate 3D Printing  into broader corporate direction and supply chains. This service will focus on both high level additive and supply chain strategy as well as foundational elements like voice of customer studies, business case development, and part identification for additive manufacture.

The second component to the consultancy is Design Advisory Services. This will help manufacturers develop parts and and assembly designs that are optimally suited for additive manufacture. This includes topological optimization and generative/parametric design. 3Diligent will also offer expert guidance in materials and process selection as part of its Design Advisory Services.

The new consulting division of 3Diligent is currently expanding its team and is seeking experienced applicants. It is based in El Segundo, near the Los Angeles International Airport and is initially focusing its business on the North American, and West Coast market.

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Featured image shows metal parts 3D Printed using  3Diligent’s global manufacturing network. Photo via 3Diligent.