3Diligent manufacturing network expands across 6 continents

3Diligent, a Californian digital manufacturing service provider, has announced the qualification of 250 facilities across six continents.

“The promise and power of digital manufacturing – especially 3D printing – lies in its ability to quickly and easily get the same part made in different places using the same 3D design file,” said Cullen Hilkene, CEO of 3Diligent.

“We are proud to have qualified and networked expert manufacturing partners around the world who are capable of making this vision of the future a reality.”  

3Diligent and 3D printing 

Since its founding in 2014, 3Diligent has provided a range of additive manufacturing services as well as CNC machining, casting, and injection molding for custom components, prototype designs, tools, and replacement parts. In 2017, the company introduced silicone 3D printing processes capable of developing electronics and artificial organs.

Most recently, 3Diligent began working with construction cladding specialist Walters & Wolf to build Rainier Square Tower, a new 58-story skyscraper in Seattle. This project involves the 3D printing of 140 individual nodes.

3D printed node for Walters & Wolf cladding. Photo via 3Diligent
3D printed node for Walters & Wolf cladding. Photo via 3Diligent.

Distributing digital manufacturing

According to 3Diligent, its latest milestone allows the company to offer faster and more cost-effective support to its customers with a global market. Its network, said to contain 1,200 machines, will ultimately cut down the delivery time and shipping costs concerning part production.

In addition, the network provides one platform in which to track and manage digital manufacturing activity across an enterprise. Hilkene added, “3Diligent provides companies a partner and ready-made fabrication network to deliver around the globe for their customers and their own internal operations.”

“This powerful combination of cutting edge equipment, material breadth, geographic coverage, and consistent quality makes 3Diligent a category of one among distributed digital manufacturing companies.”

A metal 3D printed component created using powder bed fusion. Photo via 3Diligent.
A metal 3D printed component created using powder bed fusion. Photo via 3Diligent.

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Featured image shows 3Diligent’s existing catalog of additive manufacturing materials. Photo via 3Diligent.