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3Dfilamenta Introduces New 3D Printing Materials and Motherboard

3Dfilamenta has announced that they will begin selling their own line of 3D printing materials and that they have teamed up with CBD-tech to release a powerful motherboard optimized for 3D printers. This new line of products joins their already growing global online marketplace for third party, 3D printing-related products and services.

One of the hurdles that many niche businesses face is the inability to attract a sizable pool of consumers, as well as the associated costs of providing online sales and protecting customer information. But the 3Dfilamenta marketplace provides an easy-to-use sales platform for 3D printing businesses of all sizes to reach a larger pool of interested customers. Once sellers sign up with 3Dfilamenta, they can begin selling their 3D printing products while providing the security of a large, established website, as well as increased traffic and visibility, by being part of a pool of sellers with similar products.

jumbo 3dfm package 3dfilamenta 3d printing

Beyond providing a sales platform to smaller businesses, 3Dfilamenta is also dipping their toes into the waters of 3D printing materials. Their first line of products will include PLA and ABS filament, in both 1.75mm and 3.0mm sizes, for $44.90 per spool under the brand name 3DFM. They also offer sample packs of all of their available colors as well as a jumbo package of ten spools of material at a significant discount. 3Dfilamentaalso works with distributors and retailers who are interested in carrying their products.

“The main goal for 3DFM ́s PLA and ABS is to be a mainstream filament, easy to print with, with beautiful surface outcome and strong saturated colors,” says 3Dfilamenta of their new materials. “There is lot of entrepreneurs talking about enhancing the current PLA and ABS, but enhancing it mostly means changing the pureness of ABS and PLA and in the end making it become another material mix, 3DFM is pure ABS or PLA.”

cbd chitu board 3dfilamenta 3d printing

In addition to their materials, the company has developed a new motherboard with Chinese electronics manufacturer CBD-tech. The motherboard avoids an AVR chipset, which maybe unreliable for 3D printers, in favor of a 32-bit, high-speed ARM chipset. This more powerful chipset mayallow 3D printers to print more accurately, faster, and potentially at higher resolutions.

The Chitu V3.1 3D Printing Motherboard uses custom developed firmware with options for both cartesian printers and delta printers. The motherboard supports color touchscreens, multi-language interfaces, and also supports 3D printing break points. So, if you have a power outage or something interrupts a 3D printing session.the print can be picked up where it left off, once power is restored.

3Dfilamenta is one of several newer Chinese 3D printing companies breaking into the international market this coming year. With their slick design and a large selection of product options, I don’t think that they’re going to have a lot of trouble. If you want to learn more about 3Dfilamenta, or you are a business with a 3D printing product or application, you can find out more about their products and sales platform on their website.